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What is better for my company, SEO or PPC?

Many businesses can get confused regarding the importance of SEO vs. PPC, but the fact is that both of these aspects are equally important to help your business take advantage of Google. For the best results in Google rankings and high-quality leads, you’ll want to balance SEO with PPC to give your business everything it needs for maximum exposure.

The Importance of SEO

SEO can bring many visitors organically to your website. With a solid SEO strategy, people actively searching for a product or service can find you more easily over competitors, whether performing a search in Google for that service or reading an industry blog with a link leading back to you. You’ll need SEO if you want to draw people who want your services at the time.

Good SEO also involves industry-relevant blogs that others may initially read for information alone, potentially influencing them to turn to you for their needs in the future.

Ultimately, great SEO is integral to your business’s success, bringing people to your website who need what you offer.

The Need for PPC

While strong SEO can significantly improve your business and attract high-quality leads, PPC is equally important if you want to draw the ideal audience.

An effective PPC strategy will consist of retargeting ads that follow users who may have visited your website but didn’t want your services at the time, along with paid keywords that may otherwise be challenging to rank for organically. With high-quality PPC behind your website, you’ll be able to supplement your SEO efforts with a paid strategy that gets you the best possible results.

Using both SEO and PPC in your website’s online marketing strategies can enable your website to excel beyond competitors, making it crucial to consider both of these for your business.

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