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If your marketing agency or tech company works with local SMBs, we want to talk to you. Clickx integrates with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Search Console, and many more sources allowing you to get your data all in one tab. Clickx can help your clients increase customers and quality leads and prove ROI. We’re looking to certify partners interested in mutual growth.

Here's how it works

First, Get Certified

Marketing is unrecognizable from a few years ago. Need some help with your own marketing efforts? We’re here to help you extend your reach through a variety of digital channels. Once you pass our certification, we’ll give you half off our software in return for referrals.

Second, Get Referral Bonuses

We even provide you referral bonuses every month for every customer you refer. Your goal is to provide value and maximize your customer relationships. Our goal is to help you and your clients succeed. You get an incentive for your own online marketing campaigns. We specialize in sophisticated online marketing for businesses of all sizes and shapes.

Finally, Empower Your Clients

Clickx is all about transparency and information. Our software empowers users by eliminating marketing guesswork and encourages informed decision making. We will help your clients expand their businesses and increase their digital footprint. Your partnership will help our business, your business, and your clients’ businesses. It’s a win-win-win.

Build better marketing strategies.

We want to help you provide exceptional client experience while generating additional revenue. The marketing playbook has changed. It’s time to rethink digital marketing for the modern consumer, who has become adept at tuning out traditional advertising. Repurposing stale techniques for digital channels is not enough; you have build strategies from the ground up. We’ll here to help you develop scalable processes to help your agency grow. Let’s simplify online marketing together.

Digital Services Partners

Plan, build and grow your agency. Be a part of our growing ecosystem of digital services partners.

Technology Partner

Keep your technology business relevant in a competitive, constantly evolving market. Take your business to the next level by offering a turnkey solution using Clickx.

Referral Partner

CPAs, business attorneys, business insurance providers, or an organizations that support small businesses will receive a bonus for every business they refer to us.

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Clickx has had a big impact on helping us grow our business. They are on top of technology and marketing in digital media. Their ideas and marketing campaigns have truly made an impact on our business growth.

Clickx has been instrumental in growing our market share. With their help, we have truly become an industry leader in our space. Their online marketing strategies have tremendously helped us expand our brand reach. Their marketing programs are ROI driven and we have seen measurable impact on our top line goals.

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