OnDemand PPC

An ongoing strategy for generating more traffic from users actively searching for businesses like yours.

Our carefully placed PPC ads will guide prospect to your website from initial research to completed transaction.


Keyword Research

We will run an in-depth analysis of your company and the industry you serve to identify high-volume keywords. From there, we will utilize these keywords to place ads on major search engines to generate traffic from prospective buyers. This will serve as a means to recruit new and clients, increasing your calls, conversions and sales. By examining real-visitor search queries and behaviors, as well as individual keyword performance, we will determine which keywords will allow your company to outperform your competitors.

Campaign Development & Optimization

The first step in is to develop a comprehensive campaign based on the keyword research. We accomplish this by writing compelling, concise, creative ad copy that will draw readers in and encourage them to visit your website. Optimizing the PPC campaigns is the second important phase of the campaign. Our PPC experts follow your campaign day-to-day to analyze the performance of your keywords and overall effectiveness of your campaign. As daily budget changes, we will make sure that your campaign is using the most sought-after keywords that will bring the highest amount of visitors and conversions to your site.

Campaign Analytics

To add an increased sense of accountability and transparency to our services, we provide reports on demand that allow you to evaluate the progress and effectiveness of your PPC campaign. At your convenience, you can analyze the overall performance of your individual keywords and costs and conversions. We also utilize call tracking to track the effectiveness of the campaign. You can analyze incoming phone number, call duration and recording, total incoming calls, call volume comparisons and time of calls to examine the efficacy of your campaign. In addition to keeping you informed as to how effective your campaign is, our constant analysis allows us to improve and optimize your campaign to maximize your company exposure, leads and conversions.


  • What is your management fee?

    Our management fee for PPC advertising starts at $1000. Your ad spend is charged directly to your credit card.

  • What if I already use Google AdWords?

    If you have already created an account with Google Adwords, that’s great! We will connect your account to our Agency account. Based on our review of your self managed account, we may continue to use your account or simply start with a fresh account

  • Why can’t I run my own PPC campaigns?

    You absolutely can, however, in order to run an effective and successful PPC campaign, you must allocate a significant amount of time monitoring campaign performance and analyzing key metrics. Additionally, you must also be comfortable with the ever changing AdWords platform.

  • How long does it take to launch a PPC campaign?

    Once we have all of your campaign details and landing pages, we can usually launch a paid search campaign within two weeks.

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