Promote Search

Keyword Monitoring

Track keyword positions for search phrases that matter the most to you with precise keyword monitoring within your specified geographic target for your business.

Campaign Roadmap

Chart your marketing campaign’s future priorities and activities with your specific business goals in mind. Our custom-tailored approach ensures your campaign focuses what’s most important to you and your target audience.

Content Creation

Content, whether blogs, case studies, or videos, fuels your online marketing. Collaborate with us and provide feedback during the entire content creation process to ensure your message is consistent across channels and platforms.

Lead Tracking

Track and access information about leads generated from your campaigns. From every form submission to sign up, you don’t have to manually track leads. Our lead management solution tracks every lead captured via website forms or landing pages, helping you close the deal.

Google Analytics

Access detailed traffic statistics with the power of Google Analytics. In one click, view total traffic, trends, and sources to understand where future opportunities lie.

Google Search Console

Get insight into search queries being used to find your website. Access a wealth of information from Google Search Console and learn what your target audience wants and how search engines view your website.

Site Audits

Discover and eliminate common website issues to boost your SEO performance. Easily identify and fix issues like 404 errors, duplicate content, broken images, and more.

Forth Social

Social Media

Measure performance across social channels to help you analyze all your social initiatives. From contributed traffic to leads generated, you can review and decide which social channels work best for your business.


Paid (PPC) Ad Tracking

Measure the performance of your PPC campaign including impressions, clicks, ad performance and more. Understanding how your ads perform can help guide campaign investment and budget allocation.

Keyword Reports

Maximize ad budget with daily keyword reports. Easily identify new search terms with high potential and add them to your campaign list or remove irrelevant keywords to stretch the budget.


Looking to re-engage with past website visitors? Track Web and Facebook retargeting initiatives all in one place. The ability to reach past website visitors and Facebook’s 1.5 billion active users is sure to help you recapture and convert them into customers.

Display Ads

Display campaigns made easy. With Clickx, you can track performance at every level including, impressions, clicks and engagements. Optimize conversions by seeing which creative and ad unit is doing the best.

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