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Going to a spa and/or salon is supposed to be a relaxing experience, and the intention is to have people leave feeling happy. You’re in the industry, so you know this! Well, when people leave feeling happy, what happens after that? They take to the Internet to post a raving review about their experience at your fine establishment.

Reversely, what happens if someone has an unpleasant experience? They, too, take to the Internet to tell the world about their experience. That, in turn, hurts your business. You need to manage your online presence in such a way that prevents any negativity from tainting your company’s image.

There are unique methods to managing the online reputation of spas and salons, and Clickx happens to be experts at executing them. We know how to uncover specific details of your target audience, thus allowing us a unique opportunity to put you in front of your competitors. We’ll help you become the local “go-to” spot.

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We have partnered with Clickx for the last 10 years to not only build and manage our website, but also to support our SEO and inbound marketing initiatives. They do great work in addition to being easy to work with and always bring new ideas to the table. I would recommend them to everyone looking to improve their web presence and demand generation efforts.

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