Less Hassle. Meaningful Data. Better ROI for Your Marketing Clients.

Clickx makes it easier than ever to serve marketing clients. Collaborate on a single platform to track the data that matters and share it with clients. Streamline your efforts and improve ROI.

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A Single Platform for All of Your Marketing Needs

How much time have you spent searching for the perfect new tool to fill a gap in your marketing campaigns or reporting? How much time do you spend trying to manage everything you have already?

There’s no reason to pay for half a dozen tools that each do one thing. Not when you can do it all on a single platform.

That’s exactly what the Clickx platform offers. Our software is easily adaptable for clients of different sizes and industries. It’s designed to grow right along with you. Pay per client, so you never pay for something you aren’t using.

Unlike most other marketing platforms, Clickx doesn't charge per seat. Your entire team can login to the platform as you work together to serve your clients.


Plenty of your clients want to get involved with marketing initiatives and tracking performance. The Clickx platform makes that simple.

Onboarding is straightforward and consistent. Empower your team and your clients’ teams to access the tools and data they need. Don’t waste a second doing it.

Savvy marketing takes a team effort. That’s why we allow unlimited users for you and your clients. Add as many people as you need – developers, copywriters, analysts, and more – to work from the same data and fine tune your marketing machine.

Focus on Results That Matter – and Share Them Easily with Clients

As an agency, you won’t get far without hard numbers to justify your client’s marketing investment.

They want to see results. Traffic. Leads. ROI.

The Clickx platform makes it easier to track – and deliver – them than ever before. Stop wasting precious hours trying to corral data from different sources and arrange it into something meaningful!

All-in-one metric tracking on a single platform ends the reporting nightmare. Whether it’s traffic or conversions (leads, phone calls, customers), it’s simple to focus on results that clients care about the most.

Share measurable results with clients so you can go over what’s working well, new strategies to try, and how to boost ROI moving forward.

Save Time and Frustration – Focus on Growing Clients’ Businesses

Log onto one dashboard. Track performance for all of your customers.

It doesn’t get any easier than that. In a world where new tools and marketing platforms are exploding, we keep things simple and actionable.

Clickx fits seamlessly into your current workflow. Our software integrates with AdWords, Analytics, Search Console, and many more. New integrations are being added all the time. Close those 40 tabs you have open and focus on growing your clients’ businesses.

If you’re on-the-go or without an internet connection, it’s simple to download key data and work offline. You can also easily turn services on and off as needed.

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With Clickx, we are able to have real time pulse on how and which marketing channels are driving the most quality leads. I don’t know how can we do marketing without it.