Your 12-Week Guide to a Profitable Agency


On average, It takes three years for agency owners to convert a ‘side gig’ to their main source of income. 

Not surprising. 

With over 100 different niches to choose from, a myriad of digital solutions to offer, and several thousand agencies to run up against…

…determining a successful course of action (despite all the information online) seems like a nearly impossible task. 

Agency Owners: understand, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

We can save you time, money, and give you the acumen to reach your revenue goals. 



The Clickx Agency SCALE Program

The Clickx Agency SCALE Program

A 12-week step-by-step program that provides you with the tools, resources, and knowledge to build a value-based agency clients will get in line for.

We do it by:

12-Week Course Outline

A 12-week step-by-step program that provides you with the tools, resources, and knowledge to build a value-based agency clients will get in line for.

SCALE Live Q&A Monday Sep. 20, 2021
Scale | Productizing Your Service Tuesday Sep. 21, 2021
SCALE Live Q&A Monday Sep. 27, 2021
Marketing | VSL Buildout Tuesday Sep. 28, 2021
SCALE Live Q&A Monday Oct. 04, 2021
Marketing | Funnel Development Tuesday Oct. 05, 2021
SCALE Live Q&A Monday Oct. 11, 2021
Marketing | Organic Growth Strategies Tuesday Oct. 12, 2021
SCALE Live Q&A Monday Oct. 25, 2021
Sales | Easy Sales & Client Enrollment Tuesday Oct. 26, 2021
SCALE Live Q&A Monday Nov. 01, 2021
Sales | Objection Handling Tuesday Nov. 02, 2021
SCALE Live Q&A Monday Nov. 08, 2021
Scale | Setting Up Agency For Success Tuesday Nov. 09, 2021
SCALE Live Q&A Monday Nov. 15, 2021
Scale | Niche Selection Tuesday Nov. 16, 2021


Follow each module

Complete tasks

.. Build momentum as your agency onboards new clients

Just how easy is the Agency Scale Program to follow?

White belt or black belt, you’ll become a digital marketing ninja in 12-weeks.

Just how easy is the Agency Scale Program to follow?

Make A Choice:​

3 Years of Agency “Growth” Stagnation

Clickx Proven Step-by-Step 12-Week Program



Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

Fed-up with a gurus and agency programs throwing so-so material your way without any real direction?

Happy with your agency’s success BUT want better systems, tools, and networks to continue growing?

Perhaps you’re just feeling lost and looking for the right team to help?

If you feel like you’re stuck in any of these boxes, the SCALE program could be the solution to help you bust out.

You can spend your time and energy figuring it out on your own. If that doesn’t work out for you, we’re here to help.

Entrepreneurship shouldn’t be struggle or strife.
There’s a better way to grow your agency.

 Let show you how.

Looking to Scale Quickly?

Take Advantage of Our Agency Resources with Our S.C.A.L.E. Program

1-Click Live White Label Case Studies 
Instantly Access and Share over 150+ Case Studies by Industries/Niche and Service Provided
1-Click White Label Client Campaign Portfolio
Instantly Share 100+ Landing Pages, Funnels, Facebook Ads,  Banner Ads with Prospects
Access to Clickx Academy – Advanced Training
Learn how to Select a Niche,  Build Product Bundles/Pricing and Complete Agency Systems to Scale
Templates & Documents Access

Download Turnkey Contracts, Proposal Decks, Campaign Questionnaires and Checklists. 

Niche Selection Support
Get the right clients by positioning yourself as the expert in your field, command high retainers, and close more engagements faster.
Product Bundles & Pricing Support
Scale your agency faster through productized consulting. Get help to create custom packages for your clients.
Weekly Sales Coaching

Build a sales structure, develop a process and learn actionable techniques to drive measurable results for your agency.

Lead Generation using Facebook Ads for Agencies
Fill your pipeline with leads and scheduled appointments for your customized offer
Done For You Niche Agency Funnel
Plug and play our high converting agency lead-gen funnel for your agency 

More Than An Agency Coaching Program

Clickx gives agencies a clear-cut, no frills process to deliver results.  

Too many agency owners invest in coaching but in return receive a handful of videos or tutorials and no actionable processes. 

Our live coaching sessions give you the answers to overcome hurdles and move your business forward.  

You’ll receive: 

More Than An Agency Coaching Program

Agency Sales Process Development

Agency Sales Process Development

We start by addressing core issues so many agencies struggle with.  

How do I find clients in need? How do I differentiate my services? How do I talk about budgeting with my clients?  

Together, we develop your sales process using your unique value proposition (UVP) along with the pain points faced by your niche’s industry.  

By focusing on each step of the buyer’s journey, you’ll learn that getting new clients is just a matter of using simplified and systematic processes. 

Agency Owner Growth Coaching

Nothing catapults an agency owner’s growth further than a group of like-minded entrepreneurs collaborating on the best tactics, tools, and processes to launch their agency forward. 

When you’re ready to start hitting your revenue objectivesClickx coaching can help you select the right niche, develop custom offers, prospect in the right places, and attract qualified leads into your pipeline.  

Agency Growth Coaching

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