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+ One Time Agency Onboarding
$ 79 /mo
  • Access to All White Label Products
  • 100% White Label Fulfillment Support
  • Pay Only Per Active Clients
  • Free White Label Client Dashboard
  • Weekly Q&A Calls (Wed & Fri)
  • Access to White Glove Customer Service
  • Create Strategy/Proposals
  • White Label Website Grader
  • White Label ROI Calculator
  • White Label Client Questionnaire
  • White Label Login URL (Add-On)
  • Getting Started Guide/Docs
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Month to Month Commitment


Grow Fast
+ One Time Agency Onboarding
$ 239 /mo
  • Access to Agency Sales Support
  • Unlimited Product Pages
  • Unlimited Strategy/Proposals
  • Collect Payment using Stripe
  • Q&A/Mastermind Calls (Mon & Thu)
  • Done For You Account Audits (Add-On)
  • Done for You Lead Strategy (Add-On)
  • Sales Script Templates
  • White Glove Onboarding Training
  • Agency Prospecting Training
  • Strategy & Recommendation Training
  • Client Onboarding Training
  • Weekly Prospecting Training
  • Dedicated Partner Manager


Scale Faster

  • Weekly Agency Sales Coaching
  • Done For You Account Audits
  • Done for You Lead Strategy
  • White Label Login URL
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Agency Lead Generation Support
  • Agency Facebook Ads Campaign
  • Agency Funnel Development
  • Digital Agency Startup Training
  • Digital Agency Growth Training
  • 5D Partner Onboarding Training
  • Product Bundles & Pricing Training
  • Niche Selection Training
  • Agency Scaling Secrets

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Unlock Your Agency's Scalability

Required Agency Onboarding for White Glove Support
1:1 Onboarding Call + Walk Through with Partner Manager
Inbound Phone and Support Email Forwarding Configuration
Access to Clickx Academy – Our Products, Our Process, Strategy & Recommendations


One Time

1-Click Live White Label Case Studies 
Instantly Access and Share over 150+ Case Studies by Industries/Niche and Service


One Time

1-Click White Label Client Campaign Portfolio
Instantly Share 100+ Landing Pages, Funnels, Facebook Ads,  Banner Ads to prospects


One Time

Access to Clickx Academy – Advanced Training
Learn how to Selecting a Niche,  Build Product Bundles/Pricing and Onboard New Clients


One Time

Templates & Documents Access
Download Ready to go Contracts, Proposal Decks, Campaign Questionnaires and Checklists. 


One Time

Lead Generation Services for Your Agency

Fill Up Your Agency Pipeline

Lead Generation using Facebook Ads for Agencies
Fill your pipeline with leads and scheduled appointments for your customized offer



Done For You Niche Agency Funnel
Plug and play our high converting agency lead-gen funnel for your agency 


One Time

Customized Niche Agency Website
About Us, Who We Help, Services, Technology, Case Studies, Contact Us


One Time

Frequently Asked Questions for New Partners

In addition to all of our white label products and services, all of our partners benefit from the white label tools that are available in our portal to acquire new customers and manage existing client base.

We develop websites with all of our products so you can get up and running right away.

With our agency growth plans, we generate qualified appointments for your niche of choice. 

If that wasn’t enough, we provide custom strategy for those leads to help you win the pitches.

All of our services are fully white labeled. The common services agencies require our assistance are 

  1. Facebook and Instagram Ads Management 
  2. Google and YouTube Ads Management 
  3. Search Engine Optimization 
  4. LinkedIn Ads Management 
  5. Calls and Leads Tracking
  6. Funnels and Landing Pages
  7. Campaign Audits 

All of our services come with a fully white labeled dashboard for 24/7 reporting. 

We have a dedicated account management team that can handle the day to day customer service. Our agency partner has the ability to choose that on a client by client basis as part of the fulfillment support.

Great question, every client has a dedicated Account Manager and a team working on the campaigns whether it is a Project Manager or a specialist in Google Ads or Facebook Ads, SEO specialist, etc.

Every client is in on-going communication (update calls and emails) with the team as required to make the campaign a success.

You may have heard the saying, the Cobbler’s children have no shoes. This is very true among digital marketing agencies. We help our partners with their own marketing, whether is it running Facebook Ads, Google Ads and SEO strategy and management as we want our partners to dedicate their time on business development items and not blog development. 

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