How do I get Google reviews to show up in SERPs?

When people review your website on Google, you should be able to see them show up in the results in the form of Rich Snippets.ย These snippets will show how many reviews your business has received along with an accumulated average star rating among reviewers. However, you won’t see this snippet unless you have reviews.

The key to getting reviews to show up in Google SERPs is to make sure that an ample amount of people have reviewed your business using Google.

Encourage Users to Review Your Business

One way to make sure that people are reviewing your business is to request ratings. Whether in an app or on your website, you can request visitors and users to review you using Google Maps. Once you have received some reviews, you will be able to see them appear in the search results within a Rich Snippet beneath your page. You should keep in mind that a wide range of star ratings can negatively impact your accumulative rating in the Rich Snippet, which could deter customers.

This is why you should do your best to provide the best products and services for customers to help ensure that they give you a positive rating that you’ll want to show off. You’ll be able to appeal to new audiences with a rating that accurately reflects the high quality of your services. If you’re worried what customers will say about you, try to improve your business to subsequently improve your Google rating.

Other Rating Sources

In addition to Google reviews, reviews from other sites such as Glassdoor can also appear in the results when someone searches your company name. Together, all of these sources can affect the decision of future customers, which is why you need to make sure that people are willing to rate you favorably.


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