My keywords are dropping, what do I do?

It can be both frustrating and puzzling when your rankings for certain keywords go from page one or two to page 3 or beyond, but you can easily improve them in a number of ways.

A couple of the reasons for a lower ranking might include competitors writing newer, longer, and more varied content that covers the same keywords, or pages that used to rank well now contain broken or bad links. Old pages that used outdated SEO strategies such as repeated filler content and others may also wind up receiving punishment through Google’s algorithm.

Here are a few of the ways you can restore and further improve rankings for certain keywords.

1. Revisit and Refresh Old Blog Posts and Pages

One effective method for refreshing keywords is to expand on old blog posts or webpages. If content has a lower word count and competitors have written longer pieces using the same target keyword(s), it may be time to revisit your old pages. Adding a few hundred words can make a difference, along with more optimized headings and subheadings.

2. Use an Interlinking Strategy for Keywords

Another way to improve keyword rankings is to write new high-quality blog posts or pages that link back to the page targeting a keyword, using the keyword in the anchor text. This indicates to Google that the linked page is reputable and deserves a boost for the keyword. Google wants to know that a page has authority, and when other good content links back to it. However, make sure that any links and anchor text keywords feel natural in the text, or Google may register it as a spam attempt.

3. Write New Keyword-Relevant Content to Rank

Yet another way to refresh a keyword is to write an entirely new page or blog post about the same topic, but with more up-to-date information about it while targeting the same keywords. If it’s different enough from the original ranking page, Google could bring this new page to the first or second page depending on its quality.



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