If you’re in the automotive industry in any capacity, your customers are searching for you online.

They’re looking at and comparing every review they can find before they buy a car from you or let you fix their car. That’s just the world in which we live today. That’s why, as an automotive business owner, you need to ensure that your online presence makes an impact on those who are searching for your services.

Your Social Presence

If you have an unfinished Facebook page, a neglected Twitter account, or even one bad review, you can wave goodbye to thousands of potential customers. In fact, you might as well point them in the direction of your competitor.
In this day and age, people see your online profiles before they even know where your physical location is! They won’t even bother visiting your physical location unless they are given a reason to. The way you manage and handle your online and social media presence will either give them a reason to give you their business, or it will give them a reason to give your competitor their business. The choice is yours.

A Solution

It’s not easy to keep up with these things, seeing as you have a business to run. That’s why Clickx exists. We know how to manage your automotive company’s online presence in such a way that removes the burden from your back and replaces it with new and repeat customers on a regular basis.

Clickx Methodology

Our streamlined process breaks down your online marketing into specific, manageable goals to provide you with the best results.

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At Clickx, we’re passionate about helping businesses grow. Whether you’re a brand new business or an established multi-location business, we have comprehensive marketing solutions to help you promote and build your brand online.

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