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All the Power You Need for More Traffic and Leads

Traffic and leads are the lifeblood of every successful marketing campaign. When enough of them, acquiring more customers becomes a numbers game.

The Clickx growth tools are designed to address both of these challenges. Instead of buying a dozen tools with limited functionality and being overwhelmed by data, why not have everything you need all in one place?

Our suite of powerful tools will simplify your marketing and make every effort count. Choose the perfect combination to suit your needs. Track performance and create measurable results from a single dashboard.

Explore our tools and see how they will grow your business:

Explore Our Tools

Lead Form

Lead Form

Getting traffic is just the first step. To grow, you need to convince a larger chunk of that traffic to become leads.

That’s where our lead form comes in. Motivate visitors to qualify as leads by presenting them an attractive offer, in an attractive package. Set up, customize, and deploy your forms within seconds.

  • Fully customizable. Our intuitive interface allows you to change colors, buttons, and call-to-action text with the click of the mouse. Create the perfect look to complement your website.
  • Collect the exact info you need. Minimize form fields to drive conversions. Choose from up to 5 form field options.
  • Nurture relationships. Integrate with CRM and email software to funnel leads seamlessly into your pipeline.

Welcome Bar

Welcome Bar

First impressions count. Make yours unforgettable to stand out from your competitors.

The welcome bar tool displays an enticing offer across the top of your website and gives visitors another opportunity to become leads. This space is often the first thing new visitors see.

  • Track everything. Our analytics track impressions, clicks, and even form submissions. See how well you're performing. Test new offers and angles.
  • Create the perfect look. Customize colors, fonts, and buttons in the blink of an eye. Find the perfect match for your website color scheme and design.
  • Click or submit. It's your choice whether you use the welcome bar to have visitors click through to a different location, or submit info and identify themselves as a lead.

Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets

The vast majority of visitors won't become customers the first time they visit your website. It takes time to showcase your value and build trust.

Why not give people a reason to stay in touch? Lead magnets motivate visitors to become leads in exchange for accepting whatever offers you present.

  • Choose the best type of link. Every lead magnet is unique. That's why we give you a choice between content links, buttons, images, or plain text to suit every offer perfectly.
  • Fully customizable before and after the click. Create the perfect look for your links and the pop-up boxes that display after a click. Choose from our templates or build from scratch.
  • Display links wherever you want. It's up to you where to add your lead magnets. Just copy and paste the code in the appropriate section of your website.

Social Magnets

Social Magnets

Sharing content via social media builds thought leadership in your industry…

But it can do so much more. With social magnets, you can leverage this content as another traffic source. Display customized, branded calls to action – even if you're sharing someone else's content.

  • Create short links in seconds. Just copy and paste the URL to whatever content you'd like to share. The tool generates (and saves) a unique short link that includes your call to action.
  • Publish on multiple platforms right from the dashboard. Share your social magnet content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn without ever leaving the platform.
  • Put a face to your content. Customize your call to action with logos or even pictures. Use different looks depending on the user who shares the content.

URL Builder

URL Builder

Custom URLs help you track which marketing efforts are responsible for which results. But the slightest spelling or capitalization issue taints your data and gives a false sense of performance.

Wouldn't it be easier to have all the links you need saved and neatly labeled all in one place? That's where the URL Builder comes in.

  • Simple to build. Simply enter in the traffic source, medium, and name the campaign. The builder generates and saves a custom URL within seconds.
  • Get consistent, accurate data. Avoid costly spelling and capitalization issues. With the URL Builder, multiple users can simply paste URLs wherever they're deployed to keep things consistent.
  • Throw away your spreadsheets. Track which URLs are associated with which campaigns, as well as performance, all from a single dashboard.


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