Effective Link Building Techniques

Effective Link Building Techniques
While many companies use paid link building  techniques and practices there is still a lot of benefit to organic link-building when done right. Strong organic link building approaches are harder to track but in the long run are extremely valuable to the websites’ overall domain strength and in turn increasing their SEO efforts.

Here are five valuable link building tips that will help you improve your website’s Google rankings long-term.

1. It’s What’s on the Inside that Matters the Most: Linking Your Inner-Pages
Make sure that the majority of your backlinks are pointing towards your inner pages and blog posts and not just your homepage, otherwise Google will penalize you. It doesn’t make sense for Google if your backlinks simply point to your homepage. You have to prove to Google that your site is valuable and what better way to do that then to point to your inner page and blog posts; the pages where the real content is, the pages that really matter.

2. Become a Social Butterfly/strong>
Social media is extremely important in your SEO efforts and link building techniques. The more you spread the content from your website and blog across social media platforms the better. When you share useful content, you will get likes, retweets, and +1’s. This not only gives you bonus points in terms of SEO, but it also helps virally spread your content far beyond the confines of your fan-base.

3. Diversify Your Anchor Texts
Don’t force Google to do anything. There’s nothing Google hates more than feeling like you’re trying to force it to rank you for a specific keyword. Practice using minimal anchor text for each specific keyword, that way you will stay on good terms with Google.

4. Quality vs. Quantity
You do not want to get on Google’s bad side by have a large amount of backlinks from untrustworthy sites. Quality backlinks are the key to making Google happy not quantity.

5. Make your Content Link-Worthy
Last but not certainly not least, make sure you are producing link-worthy content. You have to make sure that you are producing content that your visitors like or find informative. If your visitors don’t like your site, they will leave and go elsewhere. High bounce rates on websites mean low Google rankings. If Google thinks people don’t like your site or the content it provides, you will not rank high in their rankings.

It is important for businesses to practice these link-building techniques for their websites. Using these techniques over time will increase brand exposure, fan-base and overall Google rankings.



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