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Online marketing encompasses a complex ecosystem that spans paid, earned and owned media.

Local Profiles

Are your SEO efforts not producing results for your brick and mortar business? Clickx improves the online profile of your business by acquiring local listings on a multitude of platforms as part of our Bold Local efforts. Local Listings literally and figuratively put your business on the map. Enter your location and contact information. If your business has multiple locations, add all of them to the dashboard. We’ll claim all the local listings for your business, whether you have one location or several hundred. The more local listings for a business, the more search engine-friendly that business is. Accurate, complete local listings make a business more visible and accessible to prospective customers.


Attracting new customers via search engine searches can be difficult. A business website should be informative, but it should also be attracting new leads and generating customers. Emphasizing the right keywords in your written content makes a business more visible. Are you unsure of what keywords to focus on? Don’t fret and work backwards. With Clickx, a business will see how frequent specific searches are and what searches are directing users to their website. Optimizing keyword data is a crucial step in your Promote Search campaign. Take the guesswork and legwork out of SEO and improve upon what’s already working. Use keyword data from competitors, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Adwords. Clickx brings all this information to one platform.

Site Audit

Maintaining a website can be a lot of work, but your website should be working for you. An, unresponsive, sloppy website sends the wrong message about a business. With Clickx’s comprehensive site audit, you’ll be able to evaluate how your site is performing. The site audit lets a business owner see how functional and optimized their site is. The audit identifies specific issues with specific pages to let businesses know how to improve the experience of visiting their site.


Content is king in SEO. Good content makes a business more visible by helping you show up on the first page of Google, engage your customers, and receive links on other sites. Content is a way to provide value to current and prospective customers to bolster sales numbers and increase customer satisfaction. Clickx allows for businesses to outsource content to marketing professionals. Clickx allows businesses to order individual pieces of content, whether they’re looking for a video, a blog post, the body of an email, or anything else. Companies can specify the length, the quality and type of writer, and provide explicit direction.


Businesses should be tweaking their website and marketing strategies to see what works best for them. It can be difficult to measure the success of these tweaks. Google analytics is an incredibly useful tool that shows businesses how users are arriving to their site and how time on the site is being spent. Clickx is an all-in-one SEO dashboard and brings analytics to the same place as all of its other tools.

Search Console

Google Search Console is an incredibly informative tool that businesses often forget about. Clickx brings Search Console to the forefront ensuring that businesses will pay it the proper attention. Search Console measures keyword and search data to show businesses how they rank on specific keyword searches and how they’re generating web traffic. Search console serves as a measuring stick for the marketing efforts of a business.


Clickx users can post directly to social networks and schedule posts within the dashboard. Clickx also encourages businesses to track their progress on social media. It’s easy to measure social media followers, but Clickx shows users exactly how well social media campaigns are generating leads and customers. The goal for a YouTube video shouldn’t be to get a million views. The goal should be to attract meaningful views from potential customers.


Every business has competitors aiming to undermine its growth and current client base. Successful businesses are not keen on sharing their secrets to success with the competition. Fortunately, Clickx lets businesses learn from their competition. Clickx provides users with intelligence on how their competition generates web traffic. This intelligence includes keyword, backlinks, and adwords data. With this insight, businesses can adopt the successful practices of the competition to gain a leg up.

Calls Analytics

Marketing campaigns can be difficult to evaluate because it’s not always clear how a lead obtained contact information. With call analytics, a business can tell how at how effective their website is at generating phone calls. Knowing how leads are generated helps a business identify what is working and what is not.

PPC Reports

Paying for advertisements can be effective, but it’s not always clear how effective these ads are. With PPC reports on Clickx, businesses will see how well their advertising efforts generate clicks and web traffic. Clickx wants its clients businesses to grow and we believe in information and transparency. A business must have sufficiently detailed intelligence to properly allocate resources.


Retargeting ads can be an effective method to remind users about a website or business. The problem with retargeting ads, along with all specific elements of a marketing campaign, is that it can be difficult to evaluate how successful they are. Clickx offers businesses a method to track how well their retargeting ads are working.

Social Retargeting

Social retargeting is like traditional retargeting, but done on social media. Clickx offers businesses the opportunity to track the progress of their social retargeting efforts. Businesses will be more successful when they know how each specific element of their marketing campaign is working.


Ineffective advertisements exacerbates problems for a small business, because resources that do recoup results are a waste. Clickx gives businesses the upper hand by letting them know how well each aspect of their marketing campaign is performing for them. With display ads tracking through Clickx, small businesses can track their advertising success and make future decisions accordingly.


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