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Marketing is complicated. Clickx makes it simple. Pull together different data sources and easily track your performance – all on one platform. Get actionable insights to boost ROI and make every effort count.

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One Platform for All Your Marketing Needs

You’re willing to work hard to reach your growth goals. But to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, you also have to work smart.

The Clickx platform will help you do just that. Instead of trying to cobble together a dozen marketing tools with limited features, why not save time (and your sanity) by relying on a single platform?

Gone are the days when you had to pull together data from SEO, social media, paid media, and other sources. Now it’s simply a matter of logging in and checking our comprehensive platform.

The Clickx platform also includes tools, like the Website Grader, that diagnose issues with your marketing so you don’t have to. Focus on the 20 percent activities that drive 80 percent of the results!

Focus on the Results That Matter

One of the biggest challenges of analyzing marketing performance is to separate the metrics that matter from everything else.

Clickx gives you the most valuable business intelligence. It’s like the “QuickBooks for marketing.” It helps you track – and optimize – the stuff it really takes to grow. Traffic. Leads. Customers.

As you add or remove vendors and partners, put them to the test in real-time by watching how they affect your ROI. Clickx also automates low-value marketing tasks, freeing up time to focus on the biggest ROI drivers.

An Empowering New Perspective of All Your Data

All that data you’re generating could be invaluable… if you could only view it in a way that makes sense.

Clickx gives you this key perspective. Instead of looking at data from organic search, paid search, social, and other traffic channels piecemeal, pull everything together into a single platform.

This unified view of the data will help you determine which marketing efforts are having the biggest effect on growth.

The platform also integrates with your CRM software, giving you a full view of the conversion funnel from traffic all the way to customers.

Effortless Collaboration and Unparalleled Support

Successful marketing takes a team effort. With everyone on the same page, you can pull together and connect with your audience like never before.

That’s why the Clickx platform offers unlimited users. Get everyone involved who needs to be – marketers, web designers, salespeople and more – and collaborate easily on a single platform. Avoid miscommunications or doing double work.

The Clickx team has your back. Our growth experts are obsessed with helping you use our platform to its fullest potential. Enjoy unmatched support, and rest easy knowing that your marketing is becoming more efficient by the day.

Clickx can give your business what it needs to maximize sales

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Clickx has been a tremendous asset to the development of my firm’s web marketing strategy. They were involved in all of the creative and functional aspects of our website design and they continue to provide support for any ongoing marketing and promotions. I sincerely appreciate all the efforts they have made on our behalf and I plan to continue working with them.