Lead Generation

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Learn how our process helps you get a higher number of quality leads.

Phase 1

Define Goals. How many leads does your team currently bring in each month? Are they the right quality prospects? Without clearly defining your marketing goals–from sales figures to meeting the needs of specific buyer personas–there is nothing to reach for. Every business is unique, which is why you need a lead generation strategy tailored to your specific requirements. How you define these goals and go about meeting each one is what separates you from the competition. Your team of dedicated account managers will support you in defining a set of personalized lead generation goals that will aim to ultimately drive more valuable traffic to your website. Your lead generation efforts will be tracked on a regular basis to ensure these goals are being met so you can grow your business.

Phase 2

Competitive Strategy. Building a solid strategy always begins with the same step: a thorough analysis of your business and your top competitors. How are other businesses in your industry generating leads and how successful are they at converting them? After that step is complete, your strategy is then personalized to meet your specific lead generation goals. It starts with benchmarking your current performance and establishing goals to aim for. Once your strategy is planned and properly implemented, it has to be monitored to receive optimal results to ensure it fits within your sales funnel.

Phase 3

Determine Marketing Mix. The ultimate goal of lead generation is conversion, and this can’t be accomplished without the right marketing mix to nurture your prospects. Online marketing is constantly evolving, which means the same techniques that draw in prospects today may not be effective down the road. In addition to changing tactics, your audience’s needs may be shifting at the same time. For these reasons, it’s critical to craft a responsive marketing strategy that can adapt to changes and continue to generate viable leads. Clickx takes your success very seriously, so we will constantly be on hand to keep you up to date on the latest marketing trends to drive traffic to your website.

Phase 4

Reporting & Analytics. Without a way to measure improvements in your lead generation efforts, you have no way to gauge performance. Clickx wants to help you learn how many website visits are generating leads, what types of leads you’re getting, and how long it’s taking them to convert.With our unique reporting tools, we can help you learn how your online marketing efforts are really performing so you can continue to improve over time. Your dedicated team of account managers will share a monthly report with you in regularly scheduled meetings.

Phase 5

Optimize and Refine Results. Online marketing isn’t always about instant results, but there is a great deal to be learned from campaign performance over time. From analysis, you can see what worked and what didn’t in your lead generation efforts, which makes it easier to duplicate positive results in the future. Clickx is dedicated to helping you meet your goals in lead generation, especially because your success is our success. Once we meet your goals, we can set new ones.

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We decided to partner with Clickx after careful consideration. They understood our vision and our business goals. Clickx helped us reach our target audience of architects and construction companies through a strong web strategy. They’ve helped us accomplish our objectives by developing and deploying our corporate website and marketing efforts through Google Adwords and other online marketing campaigns.