Local Marketing


Get Closer to Nearby Customers

Small business marketing with a hyperlocal focus

Phase 1

Define Goals. Are you effectively connecting with potential customers in your immediate proximity? With many organizations prioritizing local customers, it’s time to reach out to people in your area. However, targeting local customers effectively can be challenging, which is why your dedicated team will help you construct goals and strategies to make the right connections. We will also help you measure progress toward your goals along the way.

Phase 2

Competitive Strategy. The local market can seem complicated and overwhelming, from the basics of local listings to more complex tactics like hyperlocal paid search and social media. Fortunately, Clickx has an array of experience in local marketing and can help your company come up with a strategy that will help you bring in new leads. We will work with you to determine the right marketing mix for your business goals. At Clickx, we know a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing doesn’t work for most companies, especially when it comes to the unique demands of local marketing. We help you get a strategy that gives you an edge over your competitors.

Phase 3

Systematic Campaign Rollout. Once Clickx helps you come up with a competitive strategy and the right marketing mix to assess your local needs, we will schedule and execute your campaign. The most effective tactics change constantly, and we enable you to keep up with shifting consumer demands. The local marketing environment will no longer let you wait and see where you fit in. Between paid, earned, and owned media, your brand cannot afford to sit out from local marketing campaigns. Whether you’re a small or large business, the local level has a great deal of potential. Clickx can help you increase your online visibility in all things local.

Phase 4

Monitor Progress. It’s impossible to see how much progress you’ve made toward your goals without in-depth analytics that measure a variety of results. When it comes to local marketing, what you really want to know is whether your efforts are driving revenue to your business. Clickx’s advanced monitoring and reporting tools deliver data on real campaign results, helping you make better decisions on future marketing efforts and building on progress. Monitoring progress also helps make real-time adjustments if something isn’t working to avoid wasted marketing spend.

Phase 5

Measure & Optimize. High-quality local marketing takes time and there are few shortcuts that will deliver real results, which is why regular reporting is crucial to your success. Your dedicated team of account managers at Clickx will schedule monthly meetings to go over campaign results, helping you to optimize future marketing efforts. Reporting also helps you get a better sense of return on investment. Once you meet your initial goals, we are always happy to help you plan new campaigns to further extend your local reach.

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