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Regardless of what kind of professional service you offer,
the fact of the matter is every single of one your potential clients is searching for your services online.

If you don’t figure out a way to appear ahead of your competitors, you may not even have a chance to be seen,
thus resulting in thousands of dollars in their pockets that could have just as easily been in yours.

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No one is going to trust a professional who doesn’t have the online presence to prove it. You may know your services are the best and your current clients may know it too, but the only way to have a thriving business is to gain new customers that turn into repeat customers.

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You’ve perfected what it is you do, and so has Clickx. What Clickx does is allow you the opportunity to get right in front of new clients before your competitor even has a chance.

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Our streamlined process breaks down your online marketing into specific, manageable goals to provide you with the best results.

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Implementing the Best Strategies of SEO for Professional Services

In the professional services industry, increasing your business or organization’s growth means putting in the work to make people notice and hire you, and then following through so that your customers are satisfied with the work you do. Before potentia customers hire you, though, they need to know about what you do, and that’s where SEO for professional services comes in. There are seven elements that contribute to SEO for professional services, and whether you’re a CPA, lawyer, consultant, architect, or other professional looking to grow your business, these elements will all contribute to your success.


The first step for implementing SEO for professional services is creating a brand initiative. Conveying a clear, consistent brand message is essential for creating a strong name for your business.The brand will be incorporated across your website, copy, and messaging, so it’s absolutely critical tmake sure that your brand initiative is clear and concise—people should know what your business is about— both in a literal sense as well as what your core values are–when they read about what you do.Your brand includes things like your logo, colors your company will use, any slogans, your business’ views and values, and more. Be sure to explore all aspects of what you want your brand to be before getting started.


Next, you’ll need to work on visibility. When it comes to SEO for professional services, visibility is what will direct people toward your website. A strong online presence is necessary for helping people learn more about what you do and why they should work with your organization or business. There are many facets that contribute to building online visibility, including organic campaigns, paid campaigns, targeted industry publications, remarketing (ads that show up based on someone’s browsing history), and press. On-site content, as well as paid promotions, should all be on-brand and optimized with relevant keywords to your business to direct traffic toward your organization. Building brand awareness requires consistent updating and exposure of your content—press releases, remarketing, and paid ad campaigns via relevant industry sites can all increase visibility.


Building brand authority and thought leadership is critical when implementing SEO for professional services. Authority and leadership are what make your business the one people will trust, the one people will ultimately hire. It’s what will help you earn industry recognition, improved credibility, and increased visibility in your own industry. Establishing thought leadership can be done by publishing articles, online content, blogs and newsletters, and podcasts, as well as with public speaking events and interviews. Contributing knowledge and expertise will help your brand become one that people trust.


Another essential aspect of this process is social initiatives. Creating engagement among your visitors and potential customers is important when you want to increase your presence online. SEO for professional services should always include social strategies, and you can utilize different platforms depending on the audience you are trying to reach. Those platforms include:  LinkedIn  Facebook  Twitter  YouTube Another example of social engagement can include customer testimonials. Client testimonials can build trust among the community and can help convert leads into customers.


Now that people know about your business and have seen you online, it’s time to work on a strategy to convert them to customers. Converting visitors into prospective clients requires targeted work that speaks directly to their pain points (injuries at work, for instance, if you’re offering legal help for workers’ compensation cases). The conversion strategies should include a visible solution for your prospects’ problems. These content pieces can include things like whitepapers, e-books, seminars and webinars, interactive content offers, and more. These pieces should offer value to your prospects, which will help them ultimately choose you in the process.


Once you’ve come this far, it’s important not to let up your efforts. Your next job is nurturing prospects and leads. This involves providing them with ample information that they need to make an informed decision about who they’ll do business with. Nurturing prospects can include things like offering relevant content in a targeted manner, delivered in a way that is personalized to their stage in the conversion process. For instance, if someone filled out a form for more information about your services, your course of action can include offering educational content about what you do (a case study, project, infographic, or e-book) and a call to action—inviting them to a phone call where you can learn more about each other’s needs and expectations. Nurture campaigns can include phases of emails sent out


Once you’ve got customers converted, though, your job is still just beginning. The final step is measurement—measuring the performance of your campaigns and other efforts to further refine your strategies. Key performance indicators (KPIs) to watch can include total traffic, the growth of your social and digital reach, conversions (new contacts, inquiries, etc.), contact engagement, and more. Your campaigns should be measured using marketing tools that track these KPIs, and together with Clickx you can refine what you’re doing with your SEO for professional services. To learn more about the seven steps to implementing an SEO strategy for your law firm, doctor’s office, pharmacy, accounting firm, or other professional service, contact Clickx today. We’re ready and waiting to discuss your current online presence and work with you to help you grow your business.

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