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The Most Powerful Element In Google Analytics

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

The Importance of Referral Source’s In Google Analytics

Hey everyone! I’m Solomon with Clickx. Today’s Marketing Hack of the Day we are talking about Google Analytics; specifically the referral source inside your analytics, which is really important! So let’s get started!

You might have review of your product or service on certain site and they are sending your traffic, because customers are leaving really good review about you and customers are looking you up and then coming to your websites!

At the end of the day, you’re getting traffic, especially referral traffic from all this places Google Analytics is processing that, because Google Analytics understands that from the cookie that you have on the website. It saves all the information in the browser and sending it to Google and Google shows you that inside the analytics. Right!

Referral Sources Are More Than Just Sources Of Traffic

All this technical things are happening about your referral source and most people just go to their referral and say, oh yes! See five different top sources getting tens and thousands of visits. Okay! That sounds great! It’s contributing to twenty percent of my overall traffic. What is this information really mean? What do I care? What do I need to deal with this anyway?

As a marketer, I see it very differently! I don’t see just sources of traffic, because somebody was gracious enough to write about you, you know, you wrote something on a very high end website or it could be LinkedIn that give you a bunch of traffic. Yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all you need to do go do more of it. There’s more to the story which I want to cover in this video!

Accessing Your Referral Sources Is Easy

If you’re wondering where in Google Analytics do I actually go and find this information!

Well, that’s pretty straightforward. You log into your Google Analytics, you’d go to acquisition and there’s all traffic and click on referrals, you’ll see a bunch of referral for all the different sources that you’re getting for your web property!

Analyze The Traffic & See How You Can Generate More

If you’re getting a bunch of traffic and you’re looking at the engagement of the traffic, here say, hey! This is really good traffic! They’re actually converting, they’re actually engaging, they’re not just bouncing the moment they come to our website! What I would really do is out actually work on getting in touch with the webmaster, getting in touch with the people that own their website and see how they can send me even more traffic! So that I can generate even more revenue! By analyzing your referral sources, you’re discovering where your customers are coming from and you can spend more energy, more time building a campaign around.

Build A Campaign & See If You Can Offer More

In fact, you should build a campaign for every one of your top sources and see if you can send them to a custom landing page probably! Is there something more you can offer saying, hey! Thank you for visiting, here’s a special something for you to download, because you know where they’re actually going to your website! You can work on making that particular lighting page better and better! So that you can make it easy for that visitor to convert, so you can generate even more revenue.

Each of these referral sources in your Google Analytics is a potential opportunity for advertising, maybe building partnerships, maybe doing some co-marketing, maybe you know you want to explore that as much as you can, maybe they’re open to doing more with you, maybe you can guest post and give them content and you want to maybe collaborate and create content together, because this audience seemed to be really engaged with the kind of stuff that you’re doing in your website! I would even go as far as co-marketing and see if there’s anything that we can do!

Overall, You’ll Build Audiences, Awareness, Conversions, & Your Brand

At the end of the day, we are all trying to create audience and we’re trying to create awareness for the website and build that brand and get conversion. So and if these two sites seem to be working really well together that means that they have a really good audience that I can take and give them value vise versa that they can provide value! So that’s what I see, what I look at those Google Analytics referrals! I don’t just glance over them! To say so why, I really think there’s a lot more you can do building partnerships, building relationships, maybe even doing ads, just straight up ads will get you tons more traffic and really good quality visitors that will turn into customers. Alright!

I hope you got some insights as to what you can do with all the referrals that you’ve been getting, maybe go back a couple of years and see all the old referrals that you used to get, but you don’t get any more build relationships!

Thank you again for watching another edition of Marketing Hack of the Day.