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White Label Facebook & Instagram Ads

Grow Your Clients Business with our Customized White Label Facebook & Instagram Ads

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Ad Campaign Monitoring
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Ad Copy Split Testing
  • Ad Creative Design
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Campaign Implementation
  • Bid & Budget Management


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-Solomon Thimothy


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Done-For-You White Label

Facebook & Instagram Ad Management

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Ad Copywriting Support
  • Ad Creatives Support
  • Advanced Audience Targeting
  • Continuous Maintenance
  • Custom Ad Creation
  • Pixel Setup/Installation
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Your Business Manager/Ad Account

Build a High-Performing Facebook & Instagram Ads Campaign

Social media is an extraordinary phenomenon that continues to bridge gaps and topple down barriers, so we can live in a more connected society.

Perhaps most important to note; users are free to engage and be engaged in their chosen channels at any given time. For businesses wanting to increase profitability using social media they can rely on campaigns that measure: brand awareness, impression metrics, and of course, lead-to-conversion rates. Increasing revenue through social media platforms is more achievable than ever before and can all be done with the right team in place.


How Can Facebook & Instagram Ads Help Businesses?

Taking advantage of both exposure and engagement tools, businesses can use social media to discover, attract and grow their new and existing customer base into a bigger and more diverse group.By establishing a strong presence on social platforms, businesses are able to connect in a more powerful way with their customers. This helps businesses acquire valuable customer insights, facilitate brand loyalty, strengthen product development, and increase overall growth, revenue, and profitability.

The undisputed leader in business advertising, Facebook ad platform, offers businesses significant opportunities to nurture and expand their markets. With nearly 2 billion active monthly users, clients will be confident that Clickx and it’s team of contractors is going to grow their existing audience.

White Label Facebook & Instagram Ads Are A Key Player in Digital Marketing

What are the benefits of using a white-label Facebook advertising agency?
The ability to get key target markets to take a clear action (with the right copy & creative of course), should be enough to get any client excited!

With targeted Facebook Ads, small to medium-sized businesses now have the opportunity to compete with more established businesses.

Using white label Facebook ads from Clickx fulfillment team, you will maximize your client’s ROI in a matter of seconds.  Through informative and engaging content, tailored to your clients brand and audience, Clickx is redefining what superior marketing solutions can do.

Why should my agency use white label Facebook Ads management services?

White label management services offer a myriad of cost and time-saving opportunities for agencies. By choosing a white label service provider for your social media advertising needs, your agency will:

  • Save the time and expense of building, hiring, and managing an in-house team;
  • Eliminate the need to continually train employees to keep pace with ever-evolving social media platforms;
  • Reduce the organizational disruptions that occur when an employee leaves for another opportunity;
  • Gain the ability to scale effortlessly when your client list grows; and
  • Obtain access to highly-skilled, experienced talent, who can create goal-driven campaigns that get results.

Design a Facebook/Instagram Ad that Delivers

Facebook and Instagram ads will appear directly in a targeted consumers news feed – making it a proven tool for capturing leads.  Using loads of statistical data, Facebook allows businesses to reach extremely targeted audiences. Aided with powerful content, compelling copywriting, and attractive graphics, your client’s ads will bring in the results they’re looking for.

What is your process for Facebook and Instagram advertising services?

  1. Consultation - Our white label social media advertising process begins with a consultation to discover your goals and how we can customize the campaign to provide you with the best return on investment. You will be assigned a dedicated Clickx team member who will guide you through the campaign, providing ongoing support, expertise, and insights. 
  2. Auditing and Planning - Following our consultation, we provide an audit of our client's Facebook and/or Instagram advertising strategy. Your dedicated team member will design a dynamic social media advertising strategy to maximize your return on investment. 
  3. Content Creation - While designing your ad content, your dedicated team member will identify your client’s unique selling proposition and create messaging based on the client’s distinct features and services.
  4. Reports and Analysis - When your campaign launches, the team member will study the campaign’s performance by tracking and analyzing key metrics. Your team member will use this critical data to provide ways to enhance the campaign.  

In addition to this one-on-one assistance, our clients gain access to countless case studies, and a host of proposals, job descriptions, and templates. While the information above serves as an overview of our process, we offer a myriad of ways to customize our approach to best support your business. For detailed information about what we can offer you, select the Start for Free button.

Our White Label Facebook & Instagram Ads Team

Creating Facebook and Instagram ads that deliver results, requires a dedicated team. At Clickx, you’ll have a pool of contractors to rely on and execute your client campaigns. What’s more, we work with your agency every step of the way to ensure objectives are met. From conceptualizing ad strategy to analyzing results, we do it all with unparalleled dedication.

We ensure our partners receive best-in-class white label Facebook ads because their clients deserve it.  As a team, we provide the most robust support system needed to carry out your client’s marketing campaign.


Customized Campaign Approach

So how do we ensure results? We do it by ensuring contractors take a goal-oriented approach to each and every campaign. During the content creation process, your dedicated hire will tap into your clients USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and use the messages that drive audiences to take action. 

Using extensive keyword research and ongoing Facebook ad management, your client will gain leads and achieve maximum ROI.

When could I begin using your white label Facebook Ads management services?

Ready to begin using our white label Facebook Ads and Instagram management services? We are excited to design a results-oriented campaign tailored to your needs. To get started, click the “Start for Free” button below or scroll down to the “Want 1:1 Help to Scale Your Agency?” section to book a call with our team.

Comprehensive White Label Facebook & Instagram Ads Management Services

Utilizing our team of expert coaches and contractors, fulfillment teams will deliver the fastest results for your client. Below, a list of the white label Facebook & Instagram advertising services your agency can provide:

  • Audience research
  • Copywriting and creative testing
  • Comprehensive Facebook/Instagram ad creation
  • Facebook/Instagram ads performance analysis
  • Facebook/Instagram ad campaign development
  • Campaign optimization and A/B testing
  • Location-targeted Facebook/Instagram ads
  • Ongoing Facebook/Instagram ad campaign management

Frequently Asked Questions

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