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Scale Your Franchise Footprint

Strategize Globally. Act Locally. Franchise Marketing Redefined.

  • Consistent Corporate Branding
  • Individualized Market Campaigns
  • Increase and Compare Customer Foot Traffic
  • Increase Brand Loyalty
  • Optimize Google My Business
  • Scale Using Local Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Hyper Targeted Search Ads
  • Track and Optimize Results in Real Time


"Clickx is the company I wish I had when I started over 15 years ago."

-Solomon Thimothy


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Create Localized Content and Advertising

Successful franchises should share a consistent brand look and feel. It’s how they build a corporate identity and recognizable product or service. 

However, the need for local advertising is paramount to a businesses growth. We know that consumers are the most invested in their local communities. Acting Locally and Strategizing Globally means we can create content that follows corporate brand guidelines while individualizing each location. We zero in on each customer’s experience, foot traffic, brand loyalty and retention. 

Create Localized Content and Advertising
Maximize Visibility with SEO and Google My Business

Maximize Visibility with SEO and Google My Business

WIth Google My Business, franchises can promote their Business Profile and business website on both Google Search and Maps. Franchises can see and connect with customers, post updates to their Business Profile, and see how customers are interacting with their business in a clearly displayed form. 

Using this highly visible tool, Clickx helps partners and franchise owners improve local SEO, and customer sales all through positive reviews and feedback. We hone in on local search inquiries to position your franchise front and center.

Scale with Localized Facebook and Instagram ads

Consumers today crave authenticity. They don’t want to feel like a number in a faceless national chain but rather supporters of a friendly local business. So much so that one of the largest national research organizations discovered in a study that social media ads targeted to specific geographic regions were SIX times more successful than ads shared globally.

Clickx first establishes branding guidelines for all social media ads. Whether individual locations own their social pages completely or depend on headquarters for content, the quality of the posts never differ from region to region. We win by promoting and selling local individuals, accomplishments, and community involvement.

Scale with Localized Facebook and Instagram ads
Win with Hyper Targeted Local Search Ads

Win with Hyper Targeted Local Search Ads

While each individual franchise location needs to follow corporate brand strategy, one size does not fit all. For example, the marketing and sales challenges faced by a crowded city in a tourist town will be vastly different than those faced by a location in a beach town. 

Partners trust us for their search ads because our team of expert copywriters, graphic designers, marketing consultants, and analysts have had over a decade years of work implementing hands-on Google-based campaigns for clients.

Track and Optimize Results with Real Time Reporting

Franchises need both location specific and broader campaign measurements to accurately compare and shift strategies as needed. Real time results allow franchises to see and calculate factors that bring in more traffic. 

Clickx dashboard allows partners and franchises to get real time reports on conversion metrics such as the number and frequency calls and leads. Clients and account managers can review and provide franchisees access to their own reports while viewing all the locations at scale. 

Instead of Lackluster leads, we help franchises take advantage of winning strategies and get faster results, now.

Track and Optimize Results with Real Time Reporting

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