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PPC ROI Calculator

PPC ROI Calculator

What's the expected ROI on your Paid Ads?
First, enter your metrics below to get an estimated ROI. Next, play around with those metrics to see the impact it will have.
  • 1

    What's your expected monthly ad spend?

    How much do you spend on Paid Ads every month? If you don't spend anything yet, just test out a number.
  • 2

    What's your expected CPC?

    How much do you expect to pay for a click?
  • 3

    What's your opt-in conversion rate?

    What percentage of your visitors convert into a lead on your website?
  • 4

    What's your lead to customer conversion rate?

    What percentage of your leads turn into a customer?
  • 5

    What's the average sale price?

    On average, how valuable is a single customer?



Gross Revenue
Net Result