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Why Social Signals Matter

traffic-lightWith the advent of Facebook and Twitter, getting involved in social media networks has become a relevant and necessary marketing strategy for businesses. However, with all this social signal talk, many business owners don’t understand what’s there to know and why is it important.

Here are the basics behind social signaling, its importance and how you can get start getting social signals.

What are Social Signals?
Social signaling is the accumulation of your participation in social media networks. It refers to how many Facebook “likes” or shares you have, the activity level of your Twitter account and the number of followers, or how many Google+ your business has. Essentially, social signals represent the strength of your online presence, relevance and authority. They support your image and branding by creating positive chatter about your business on the internet.

Why are Social Signals important?
Social signals help search engines determine how authoritative and important your website is to the online community. The more active you are on social networks, the better your social signal on search engines. And yes, your social signal does matter. In fact, social signals account for 8-10% of Google and Bing’s search algorithm. Search engines such as Google, assign a social signal rank, from 0 to 10, to all websites. The better your rank, the more important and popular Google deems your website. This, of course, leads to a higher overall search engine ranking for more visibility and exposure.

How do I get Social Signals?
The best way to start creating positive social signals is through content creation. A content-driven strategy helps you increase your social signals. Your content strategy may contain press releases, case studies, white papers or reports, blogs, videos and webinars. By sharing your content, you provide something useful to the online community. Imagine publishing a blog that gets retweeted, shared on Facebook and referenced on other sites. All this social activity surrounding your content increases your authority on the internet.

Creating a social signal strategy requires both time and strategy. From content creation to social sharing, building your social signal can become overwhelming. Nonetheless, given the growing importance of social signals, it’s critical to start building your social signal rank.

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