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Does online video marketing work?

Not only does online video marketing work, but it's also continuing to expand and evolve as a form of marketing that all companies rely on for success.

It's estimated that in 2017, 69% of all consumer traffic on the internet will come from videos, according to Cisco. While text content is still valid, more and more people are turning to video streaming websites and embedded videos to get the information they want.

The Value of Video Marketing

Successful video marketing campaigns are also much more likely to benefit from high numbers of shares, going viral when text content typically doesn't. Videos have a better chance at engaging people with entertaining or helpful bite-sized content, making them more shareable than other types of content that require more investment. As a result, video marketing can encourage more users to visit and stay on your website, making them more likely to consider your products or services.

Well-optimized videos have an even better chance of ranking high in Google to supplement your website's rankings for keywords, enhancing your SEO campaign.

Maximize Outreach

YouTube is the champion of video, receiving over 1 billion visitors every month, which is more than any other channel aside from Facebook. If you have a top-quality video or channel, you have the chance to tap into a much larger audience than when you simply attempt to optimize your website.

Video marketing is and will continue to be vital for small businesses that want to attract a large target audience. As more businesses continue to utilize video marketing to engage potential customers, you should do what you can to take advantage of this outlet to supplement your on-site optimization efforts.