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How To Identify The Right Keywords For Your Business

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

Hey everybody! For today’s Marketing Hack of the Day, I want to talk about keywords.

Identifying The Right Keywords Is An Essential Business Strategy

Today’s goal is to help you identify the right keywords for your strategy, so you are off a great start, you are going to get much more success than trying to figure out the wrong keywords and fail and waste the bunch of time!

So, to get started, I want to kind of explain you with the chart shows! It is search volume on the left axis and conversion rate on the bottom. And what I really want you to understand is that your ‘buying keywords’ whether you are doing an AdWords, you are doing an SEO, you are bidding on keywords, you are writing content; I really want to help you make sure that you are doing at the right way. If you knew about long tail keywords and you might have forgotten about it, this could be a great resource for you to understand what is going on!

Generate More Traffic & More Conversions

Now, the reason why this is a hack is that, this is going to help you get more conversions and more relevant traffic! That is the name of the game! You want to make sure that you are getting more traffic and that those traffics you are getting is converting.

First off, I am using an example of someone who is searching for online marketing software.
So I plug in the keyword “SEO,” it’s a short tail keyword with super high volume, should I be buying a million dollars with the ads on that? Probably not! If I am in SEO software, then maybe I need to over here, buying “SEO software” as a keyword! And look at the search volume, it is actually goes down. You might be able to sustain that ad budget. You might be able to write enough content to be able to optimize that and get enough authoritative links to work on that!

Now, over here it is so much better, and it is like the white space of online marketing, right? There is still so much to be worked on, you can still rank for so many different keywords!

Relate The Messaging To Consumer’s Needs

If you really put yourself to figuring out what are those long tail keywords, and my example here, I have “SEO software for local business,” now, this is just an example. What this person is looking for is that they realize that they need “SEO,” they realize they need “Software,” because they want to do it by themselves and also looking for a local business, because now they are disqualifying that they are not in “Global Enterprises!” They are not B2B company maybe; they are not looking for marketing automation, they are just looking for software to help them improve their online marketing, help them improve their SEO! So this would be a great keyword. Why is this is going to improve and get again my conversions? Because the messaging that you are going to have on your websites, the messaging that you are going to have in your AdWords, the messaging that you are going to have in your offer, is all going to be related to their needs and of course they are going to buy.

They are going to give you their information so that you can follow-up with them, give them more information, a demo whatever it might be!

Over here, if you give them an offer, they are not ready to buy; they are just researching. They are just in early stage of that buying process; they have not really even explained what they need! So they really are not going to be a good prospect and the amount of money you invest to the return is going to be very slim! And that is when people usually give up on this whole entire thing is that, they realize that, oh! Online marketing is too competitive; I cannot afford it, not going to do it, not worth it I am just going to social media instead.

Use The Data At Hand To Find Your Best Keywords

Now, my recommendation is to take a look at your keywords and really understand, where is your best keyword, realizing it lies in all of that data that you have. And understand that this is what you want to be, it is lot easier to compete, it is lot easier to win, and it is lot easier to get more conversions over here!

Now, if you are a Clickx customer, the application will automatically integrate with your Google AdWords, it will automatically integrate with your Google Search Console, your Google Analytics.

You can start looking at your competitors keywords and really understand where are all the keywords, what are all the keywords that people are punching in to find your site today and make this all entire keyword research, so much faster! So you will be able to find out all the keywords that you ever had from all the data that you get from Google Analytics and Search Console, from may be the best converting keywords in your AdWords campaign! All that data comes right into your figure tips, so you can actually pick and choose the keywords that you want to optimize immediately!
So the hack is to really save time and win fast!

Thank you again for watching another edition of Marketing Hack of the Day.