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The Value Of Local Reviews

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

Local Reviews Are Critical For The Reputation Of Any Business

Hey everyone! I’m Solomon with Clickx. Today’s marketing hack is all about local reviews and it is so important from business folks, especially if you have a physical location, you have somebody, who comes to the front door; you need to make sure that you take care of this area, your business, the reputation of your business. It is so critical, especially when it comes to the buying psychology of the consumer. You need to understand that this plays a really big role in it. So let’s get started!

36 percent of business people, 36 percent begin with their local search on a search results page its search for something that let them to actually go and purchase it. That whole buying path, 36 percent of people started on a local search engine.

If You Aren’t Getting New Reviews, Ask To Get Reviewed

Now, if you google your brand, just like chalk your company out on the first page of Google, everything you see is directories and large-scale websites and large publishers with reviews attached to it. 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation. That means that you have to work so hard on getting more and more reviews on to those websites that you have, whether it is your personal websites. If you want to put it on your corporate website, reviews, that’s great! We help you do that. Our software is built to do this at scale. And if you want to get people to go to your third party review sites like Google Plus, Yahoo and Facebook; you can also do that as well, because today if you are not doing that, I think you are doing the biggest disservice to your stuff for the future! If you don’t do that now, you don’t asking people now; you are not going to get reviews in a month, two months, three months or a year, because you are not even doing it! And what happening is that your best customers are going to probably review, because they are so happy and your worst customers, the one that had really bad experience; they are going to review, because those are the only two options I see. Right! You are not going to get the people on the middle, but are happy with your service, every single day every single month, every single year whenever they buy and you know, experience your product. They are not going to get that and the promise is going and asking them. That is the reason now, why you don’t get reviews!

Third Party vs. First Party Reviews

I want to help you understand two kinds of reviews. There is third party reviews are those reviews that you see on Yelp, on Facebook and I mentioned this like a bunch of time. And there is first party reviews that are you actually give them aligned in page, you ask them for their feedback and you use that feedback on your own website. Right! That’s actual data that you collected, that’s your first party information, that’s like just in cookies in the web marketing, there is first party cookies and there is third party cookies. So, this is actually first party reviews. That means that this information is firsthand collected by you and you are going to put it on your own websites.

Inside Clickx, we actually built this on whole entire landing pages process where you can give a landing page to every single one real locations and then later give that to every single customer who goes there or you might be sending invoices to them, whatever it is so that you can collect first party reviews also encourage them to leave good reviews or their review whatever that might be on a third party website, like Yelp or Google Plus and Yahoo and so forth.

The key component here is that every customer needs to be asked to leave a review. You see, now many businesses would actually say, “Hey! Customers do you have really good experience, did I solve all of your problems, will you mind leaving as a review for our company, will you mind giving as a feedback.” And if you ask them the chances are; they are going to give you feedback! The fact is we are not asking them, therefore they don’t really care or they remember. They just move on with your life and then you lost the golden opportunity to collect more and more reviews for your brand.

Now, what I’m looking at somebody’s review, I look at how old is this review! Is it a recent review, is it one week, is it three months and is it 2 years. It is true that 73 percent of consumers believe that reviews older than 3 months are not even relevant.

People Examine The Frequency of Reviews So Ask For More

People are looking at not just reviews, not just average reviews, that oh it’s actually a 4.5 star place. They are looking at how frequently they are getting reviews and when was that last review. So in order to get that frequency you really have to ask every single customer, every single time you make sale, every single time that you have a happy customer leaving your door step ask them, hey! Would you mind telling us how we did, because we want to be here for the next 20 years, the next 50 years helping other people like you, but would you mind telling the whole world! Tell us how we did? Maybe there is something we can do to serve you better! And that shows the vulnerability on the businesses side and it is not just we are prideful and we are doing so great for every not so great! Our business is 50 percent more- and-more year over year. That is not you want to be getting across. You want to get them across then say, “hey! We are going to serve you. Is there anything else that we can do for you? And can you, will you please tell us how we did? What was your experience? Here is the page, here is the link, I will send you an email and I will send you a text message.” That shows that you are personable, you actually went to them, because you have the personal relationship, you ask them and they are much more likely to give you that review!

Do A Reviews Analysis To Understand More Insights About Your Business

7 out of 10 consumers will leave a review for a business, if you just kindly ask them. 7 out of 10! Whether it is good or bad, that’s what’s up to you. You need to understand how you are doing! Start to understand this review, like deeper analysis or what is it that is making them upset! Is it the wait time, is it the certain product that you have or is it the lag time, because you take for everything to give it. Maybe it’s a customer service; maybe the folks on the phone are not really doing a good job, taking care of their pain and understanding them, maybe they have to hold a long time. I don’t know what the issue might be! You are going to start uncovering what’s wrong with your business, just by asking your consumers, asking your customers; “tell us about how we did and tell us about how we can serve you better?” They will actually tell you what’s wrong with your business; which you might be too blind to see.

Make It A Continuous Process Of Capturing Customer Feedback

Use the landing page like the technology that we built or built one on your own whatever it’s easy for you and try to capture the feedback over and over and over. It’s going to be a process; it’s going to be every single transaction; there is going to be this process of them being asked for their feedback and use that to your advantage, you that in your marketing messages use that in your direct mail campaigns whatever it is that you do, even in your email campaigns. And then lead people to third party websites where they can actually have this conversation about your brand and specifically ask them what is it that you like? So that they can go and put that information that will lead other folks to come to know your brand and like your brand, trust your brand and buy from your brand.

So, I hope you guys had some insights as to why you should be spending more of your energy on generating more feedback on a regular basis, on first party websites, on third party websites whatever it is, build that system; you are going to get so much more ROI than you are getting right now!

Thank you for watching another edition of Marketing Hack of the Day.