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Why You Need Per-Location Reviews to Avoid Suffering Local SEO Consequences

If you’re in the position to worry about a multi-location business and its Search Engine Optimization (SEO), congratulations! This is a fantastic problem to have, because it means you’re already doing well. However, we also know optimizing your website for different local addresses is a serious challenge.

That’s why we wanted to sit down and talk with you about the power of collecting reviews on a per-location basis. If you play your cards right, setting up your website this way can be a game changer for your local SEO, as regional level content alone is not specific enough to count as local optimization.

Now that you’re on board, let’s begin our journey! In this post, you’ll learn the SEO benefits of per-location reviews, as well as how to implement them using the Clickx App.

Let’s get started!

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Key Takeaways

  1. Per-location reviews makes it easier to influence local SEO results for your business at each of its locations.
  2. Once optimized, location-specific landing pages makes your website more competitive with third-party review sites in search results.
  3. You can encourage positive reviewers to post their reviews on third-party sites, further improving your local SEO.

The Power of Per-Location Reviews for Local SEO

Simply put, if you run a business with several locations, how will people know which location each review is for? A testimonial for your overall brand is one thing, but a location review should be clearly location-specific—hence, per-location reviews.

One of the issues multi-location businesses face is properly optimizing for each of their locations in SEO. Setting up your business website to receive per-location reviews is not only a plus for your customers, but powerful for SEO too. To reap these benefits, you’ll want a landing page for each location. This is because a regional brand page is likely too broad to be competitive in a local search.

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Once your landing pages are up and running, you’ll need to take the proper steps to make them discoverable by Google. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to load your pages with rich information, including each location’s street address, phone number, and opening hours.

With your location-specific landing pages ready and optimized, you can now start accepting reviews! Each review should receive its own optimized landing page, which is vital if you want to rank more competitively with third-party review sites. Alongside rich business information, each of these pages reinforces the existence of your business to Google. For an alternative view, think of your business information as being similar to a long-tail keyword.

However, local SEO isn’t all about the content on your own website. it’s also about controlling the results when someone searches for your business. By cajoling positive reviewers to leave their reviews on third-party sites, you can create a better star rating across the board in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This in turn becomes a powerful visual indicator, thanks to rich snippets:

Example of rich snippets creating a positive visual for a local business in SERPs.

To go the distance, you can repurpose these reviews to create even more powerful content for local SEO. Here are some tips:

  1. Pull out choice quotes to drop in location-specific testimonials across your website.
  2. Build a list of clients who may be willing to link back to you on their own site.
  3. Keep track of any clients who may make for good case studies.

Now we’ve looked at the power of per-location reviews, let’s take a look at how to leverage them using the Clickx App.

How to Collect Location Reviews With the Clickx App (In 3 Steps)

Our Clickx App makes it incredibly easy to manage incoming reviews per location. Not only can you easily collect and manage reviews, you can also do the following:

  • Refer high-rating guests to third-party review sites.
  • Offer compensation to low-rating guests in hopes to rebuild the connection and gain their trust again.

Let’s take a look at how to collect location reviews, starting with setting up your landing pages.

Step 1. Set Up Your Location’s Landing Pages

Once you’ve signed up, logged in, and took a look around, you can get to work! For this specific task, you’ll need to add your locations to the Clickx App. Firstly, select Location Management from the left-hand menu in the Clickx App dashboard…

The Clickx App Location Management Menu

…and from here, find and click the Add New Location button. On the next screen, input all of the required information for the location you’d like to add, then save your changes.

Next, it’s time to grab your review landing pages. Navigate to the Location Management section, and next to the location you want reviews for, click Review Landing Page:

The Clickx App review landing page button

From here, simply copy and paste the URL of the next page (your actual review page), and save your changes. You can (and should) post the page on your website and social media to begin filtering reviews, in anticipation of the next step.

Step 2. Prepare Your Website to Accept Reviews

To maximize the impact of your reviews for local SEO, you’ll want to publish a landing page on your site for each of your business locations. You can get started with this by firstly creating a regional page on your website. In other words, this will be a regular page with a complete list of your locations, acting as a central hub for them:

Example of a regional locations page

Next, each location will want a landing page of its own. Don’t forget to load this page up with for best results:

Location landing page for local SEO

Once these pages are created, simply link to each per-location landing page on your regional one. Next, on each unique location page link to the respective Clickx App form that were created earlier.

Example of linking locations together on one page

Linking per-location reviews to regional locations helps leverage local SEO.

Finally, on your website’s main menu, add a link to the regional location page so that visitors can find it:

Add regional locations page to menu

The final step is to encourage readers to submit positive reviews with third-party websites.

Step 3. Encourage Third-Party Reviews

If you’d like to increase your business’ engagement on third-party review sites, you’ll need to ensure you’ve set up each of your business locations on your desired review sites—the Clickx App supports the following:

To add these profiles, open the Clickx App, and head to the Location Management page. From here, choose the location you’d like to update, and click Edit. Towards the bottom of the page, click on Add Social Link, then fill in the appropriate information, and click Save:

Add social link in Clickx App

Now, the Clickx App will refer high-rating reviewers to copy and paste their review on other third-party sites!


If you’ve been struggling with local SEO for a multi-location business, it may be due to a lack of per-location content optimization. Adding per-location reviews not only helps with this, but can also help your business look better in SERPs.

Getting these pages set up with the Clickx App is a cinch. Let’s recap:

  1. Set up your location’s landing pages on your company website.
  2. Prepare your website to accept reviews by linking to your created Clickx App forms.
  3. Refer high-rating customers to third-party sites, where they can share their reviews.

How will you use the Clickx App to supercharge your local SEO? Let us know in the comments section below!