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Is direct mail dead?

Direct mail is more effective than many people think, giving marketers a great way to reach out to prospects and current customers. While online marketing might seem ideal in today's marketing environment, direct mail is a largely untapped market for many businesses that can make use of it to expand their efforts.

Here are some ways that direct mail can supplement other marketing efforts.

Direct Mail is Physical

Unlike online marketing efforts such as email campaigns, direct mail is actually tangible. People are constantly hit with video ads, retargeting ads, and other PPC strategies as soon as they're looking at a screen. Direct mail can help your business stand out from competitors, giving people a physical way to connect with your brand. Recipients can actually hold and open it, making it more active than passive. People are also more likely to look over direct mail pieces that they receive over emails.

Direct Mail is More Personal

Sure, you can personalize your emails, sending messages that directly address customers and prospects, but direct mail takes that personalization to a new level. You can use these pieces to truly connect with people and set yourself apart from competitors.

Direct Mail is Ideal for All Audiences

Both younger millennials and older less tech-savvy people—and everyone in between—are potential recipients that can take action after receiving direct mail pieces.

You Can Be Creative

Another great benefit of direct mail is its allowance for creativity. There are practically no limits to how you can make your mail pieces look and feel. They can be flashy to appeal to recipients while accurately representing your brand. You can even use fun themes for promotional content, including TV shows and popular films to push certain content.

Using direct mail is far from an outdated and useless strategy. In fact, you can easily complement your digital strategies with effective direct mail. Try taking advantage of this marketing strategy today.