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Which social media platform is best for B2Bs?

Social media marketing is equally valuable for B2C and B2B businesses. However, some outlets are better than others when reaching out to other businesses.

These are the three main social media sites you should use for B2B applications.


This should be the primary social media outlet for all B2B companies. This network can give your business access to over 260 million users across 200 countries. The best aspect of LinkedIn is its ability to enable users to make contacts and build relationships. The best thing about LinkedIn is that it allows businesses to develop a successful presence through every connection and engagement through LinkedIn Groups. There are over a million Groups, many of which cover niche industries, meaning there's likely a place for your business.


Google+ is another network with plenty of potential contacts, with over 540 million users. However, it doesn't quite have the networking capabilities of LinkedIn, but it's still important because of its connection with Google's search engine rankings. If you want to be found by people searching for experts in your industry, it's wise to create a Google+ account that includes a variety of content such as posts, images, and videos. This platform also allows you to create a business page that can encourage others to follow and engage with your company.


While not quite as big as Google+ at over 500 million users, it's still larger than LinkedIn and a potentially invaluable asset for your business. In 140 characters per post, you can reach anyone without any of the filtering that occurs with Facebook. Twitter gives businesses a great way to see what other people are saying, and you can create Twitter lists of people you want to follow while filtering out other tweets that appear in the main news feed. Whether you want to connect with people who talk about your industry or prospects, you can't go wrong with using this platform.