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3 Key Steps To Creating Relevant Online Content

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

Hey everyone! I’m Solomon with Clickx. For today’s Marketing Hack of the Day, we are talking about online videos and how consumers consume all this video content on different devices. Alright? Let’s get started!

Consumers Are Jumping Across Devices & Screens For Content

Now, you have to understand that consumers are moving between multiple screens, multiple devices to accomplish your goals, whatever they are trying to do. Whether it’s buying something online or looking something up, ordering a ticket to go to a concert whatever it maybe, they are not just doing it on one particular screen; they are jumping around screens and devices. They are using their phone, because that’s the convenient thing that they have right in front of them and they might be using their laptop when they are home or when they are at office or when they are going to a coffee shop. They might be jumping on the laptop, because it’s small, convenient that they have more things to accomplish so they are jumping between, without really drawing the line between, oh! I saw this on TV or I’m going to watch a half an hour TV, in fact, I think people are taking the TV on the goal. They don’t care the contents that only available on TV or its on cable; they are really concerned about all the different content as they do have access to and consuming that, when they want to do it, where they want to do it and how they want to do it!

4 Essential Devices Consumers Are Engaging With

These are the four screens that you need to understand; the Mobile, the Tablet, the Laptop and the TV. I believe that the consumers are watching all full screens at the same time. And the fact to the matter is that, there is no ‘off’. Right! There is ‘off’ button! It isn’t like you turned up the TV and we are going to turn it down tomorrow morning; we literally consume content, the moment when we wake up in the morning. And it’s kind of funny, because when you go at the grocery store, there’s a line somewhere you are waiting for a train, what you think people are doing, right! Even as they are walking, they are staring at their phones, actually doing something. Actually they are not just staring; I think they are engaging with the content that they see on their phones, right! They are actually engaging with people on social media, maybe posting something, actually watching a video and getting entertain whatever it that they are doing they are actually engaging it and so that means you have so much attention going to all these different screens that you should be focusing on, putting your content there so that you can get in front of the right people at the right time depending on what they are doing!

Marketers Have Full Access To Capture Consumer’s Attention

I think we are living in an unprecedented time, when marketers have full access to people’s attention we can get in there, if you want to.   And that means that you can capture the interest and make them understand that you exist and have them discover your brand and so that you can put them in your marketing funnel and sell to them depending on the whatever the product and services that you offer. And you have to understand that when your audience is on a device that they interact with 150 times like your mobile phone, you are in it like 150 times a day; they are going to take action. You cannot say that “they are not going to take action, because they are on the phone and I’m going to do something.” Whether they are doing the final part of the action which is actually purchasing something or researching which is the early stage of the action. They are going to take action, no matter what. Alright!

So, I give you a lot of insights as to what you should be looking for and what kind of content that you should be creating and where you should put a lot of your energy and your resources.

3 Content Steps To Stay Relevant Online

Now, here are some three things that you can do and I got this from our friends at Google! So, these three steps are:-

  • Always There
  • Always Relevant
  • Always Optimized

Step #1: Always Be There

I will start with ‘Always There’. So, what should you do as a marketer, understanding the market place to lay of the land what should you do? You need to be sure that you are on all devices. Right! You are on all devices you are across the web, you are there at all times of the day and you are there across the entire buying cycle.

Step #2: Always Stay Relevant

Moving onto ‘Always Relevant’. That means that you actually have to put relevant content depending on which device that they are on at that time. Right! You might have a different banner ad for a mobile device that’s skinny and horizontal, for a mobile device on the mobile browser and you might have a different ad for a laptop, because they’re a bigger screen; you can actually put more engaging time. And you have to do that depending on what time of the day they’re consuming your content. Right! You have to do that depending on where they’re consuming the content, the location, the geographic location of the person, also determines what kind of ad they should be there. So that you can be more and more relevant, if they’re searching for a particular business then make sure that you put the address in the ads, so that they can tap on to it and get to where you are!

Step #3: Always Optimize

Finally, ‘Always optimize’. I understand that when you have so many campaigns going on at the same time and you have digital campaigns, you have social campaign to, you know people walking into your stores and you want to engage with them; you can actually be overwhelming.

I understand the pain that you have, because I have to do that across different campaigns and different companies and so forth. And it gets really complicated especially when you start turning on different, you know paid and organic and direct and social and everything put together, it can create a lot of noise and you’re like, man! How do I actually stay on top of everything! Right!

Fortunately, there are technologies like the ones we’re building like Clickx. They will make your life a lot easier. They will get you the metrics that you want when you want, but at the end of the day your job is to always be optimizing!

You need to optimize your SEO effort, you need to optimize your paid channels, you need to make sure that you are generating phone calls, you need to make sure that you are getting conversions, you need to also optimize the entire customer journey, so that you can improve your conversion whether they are in a mobile device or it’s a mobile ad versus your tablet investment that you might be making or your laptop or your videos that you’re buying on mainstream, media like television and cable companies.

You might be investing a ton of money. You need to make sure that you are also optimizing that as well! So, I hope you guys get some insights into how you should be thinking about how consumers are consuming content today. And how you can actually invest in improving your media spend and your overall advertising spends!

Thank you for watching another edition of Marketing Hack of the Day.