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Why Videos Are Important With Your SEO & Social Media Strategy

Online video has become an integral part of any online marketing strategy. In the past streaming video was seen as a novelty with entertainment value. These days, video is taken much more seriously as an advertising platform due to the rise of cheap, fast broadband, along with the advancing quality of streaming video and site bandwith. Many businesses believe that videos are important for your SEO and Social Media Strategy, and with the implementation of Google’s Penguin and Panda search updates, online video is more important than ever.     video-marketing-376x250

Videos Help to Boost Click Through Rates and Decrease Bounce Rates

Using SEO optimized videos can boost your search engine rankings, as well as your site’s credibility with major search engines. One way videos contribute to your overall SEO strategy is by increasing your CTR or click through rates and decreasing your bounce percentage, which is how quickly a person leaves your site after finding it. Google tracks all of these variables, so a site that does not keep visitors for very long ends up being penalized by Google. If people stay on your site to watch a video, then that can seriously affect your CTR and bounce percentage rates in a positive direction.

Videos Improve Audience Interactivity

Videos can also boost your SEO strategy by allowing greater back and forth between you and your users. It is much easier to tailor social contact using videos, and you can express a great deal of information in a short period of time with a well done video. There are many people who will not take the time to read a ten page tutorial; however, if you change that tutorial into a three minute clip with infographics, you will reach a much broader audience while also gaining an edge over your competitors who do not have an online video presence. Simply put, your users will be able to see your message in a clearer fashion while at the same time giving them a space where they can discuss your content with other users, creating an organic community based around your site and content.

Successful Viral Video Content Can Lead to Mass Amounts of Inbound Links

If any of your content hits the jackpot and starts to be spread all across the web, you will receive many thousands of inbound links from all over the web. Google or other major search engines will take into account your inbound links and in turn boost your SERPs which leads to more traffic and potentially more profit. If you manage to create some content that goes viral, much of the work that goes into building inbound links will be done by other users for you, organically.

Video is becoming increasingly important to anyone pursuing a serious SEO or social media strategy. Not only will you receive higher quality visits, you will also have the opportunity to create a community around videos or other interactive content, while at the same time building a massive amount of links and having your content appeal to the greatest number of visitors.