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4 Effective Video Techniques To Increase Conversions

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

In this video, I am going to show you exactly how you can use videos to increase conversions on your website.

I get a lot of emails, phone calls, texts and everything else in between of people asking me, “Solomon, I know I can get to use videos on my marketing strategy. Can you give me some suggestions what exactly are you talking about? How do I get started?”

That is exactly what I really want to help you out with today. So first of all, I want to make it really easy so you are not struggling to figure out or not stressing out over how to get started.

First place to start is your home page of your website! The reason why I am saying that is because your home plate gets the most visits out of all the pages of your website. It makes sense to put a lot of energy and effort in creating a nice video that talks about your business and your products or services right on the homepage!

Now, this video is tricky because you need to talk to all of your different audiences that you are trying to work with! Maybe you’re B2B or B2C, maybe you’re a wholesaler; whatever it might be, you want to make sure that you are talking to all of those people at the same time with one video.

This is kind of challenging to do, so you have to put some effort into saying the right things. You do not want to miss out on talking about any particular verticals that you work with. It is very critical that you think about a very holistic video of your big picture, the mission behind your company, and how you help all these different industries! Put that right on the homepage once that is done.

The next video that you want to work on is for your About page. You want to work on your About page, because a lot of people today put an enormous amount of effort into storytelling, that is what really sells! You really have to think about why are you doing what you are doing and how to explain it to your audience. What is the story behind the brand?  What do you stand for? The reasoning why you have such-and-such colors for your branding and even what your office looks like. You have to show what your business believes in and make it extremely clear! Remember that we are a visual beings, so if you can put into videos and photos your story, it is going to hit the core of what you are trying to share.

Once you get that video done, you need to move onto some more tactical videos to get business and conversions going. Your next video should be about your ‘top services.’ So you might have four services or you might have 40 services that you offer; whatever it is, you want to make sure that those top services that make you the most amount of revenue. Ensure that each service has a video on its dedicated page, because those pages are going to get the most visits after your homepage and maybe even after your contact page!

Website visitors are going to go right over there because that is the challenge that they are trying to solve. Make sure that those pages have really nice well-crafted, well scripted videos that compare your product to somebody else’s. You want yo show how you are better than the competition. That is the decision that they are really trying to make.

Once you can do that, I believe that you are going to dramatically increase your conversion, because someone is more likely to watch video than to read 1,000 words or 500 words of content on a webpage.

You want to make sure that you are engaging every single visitor that you have; not just through texts or photos. Improve the conversions with videos.

Finally, I put ‘verticals’ here, because I believe that a lot of customers, a lot of businesses today have so many different solutions for different verticals.

You might work with the manufacturing industry, you might work with technology, or you might work with health care. You want to make sure that those different solutions that you provide for different verticals have its own custom created video content.

For those different verticals that you work with, that you have a custom video for each of those different verticals, making it very effective, because you might be going into talking to this company in this industry, but you do not really have anything to show forth. You have not talked about how you solve a problem that they have. So you really want to make sure that you put your best differentiator, your unique value proposition. Put it in every video for each vertical and say how you are going to solve their problems. Talk about the problem, talk about your company, how you solve the problem, and that makes it very effective for those B2B buyers that are very analytical. They want to know how you solve problems only for them. They do not care about all the other industries that you work with, those folks really want to know how you are going to solve this particular industry’s problem.

I work with a lot of businesses, so vertical is a huge deal for them. Yet they wonder why they can’t break into certain industries or why they cannot compete with the other competitors in the same space. It is really because you have not really put together the story, the messaging, and why you are better than someone else!

When you start marketing it in that way, it is going to be much more effective. One of those visitors comes to your website you got 10 seconds to sell them. Are you going to put 500 words in front of them or are you going to show them a video that they could watch and maybe engage with it? Maybe they will stay as long as 30 seconds with video.

It is really important that you engage your audience and use videos as means to getting conversions.

Finally, I want to talk about why you should be uploading all these videos to YouTube. I go to websites all the time, maybe there is one or two videos and when I go to their YouTube channel, I do not see anything! Then I started to wonder what exactly happened with the strategy?

I think there is a lack of videos because businesses do not understand that they all work together. Your social media accounts, your website, all of it. It is got to be cohesive and it is got to be integrated. Long story short: upload these videos that you are spending thousands of dollars to YouTube for your channel. You have already invested so much time into it. You need to make sure that you make every single cent you can get out of that video. You need to make sure that you maximize these video assets. You need to make sure those folks that are not going to your website maybe they stumble upon your video through Youtube. They are going to learn about your brand, they are going to learn about your story, and how you solve for so many different challenges!

I hope I give you some insights as to how you can start with video for your business, thank you for watching!