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The Top 10 Questions About Google Analytics

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

Today’s Marketing Hack of the Day is actually a list of questions. I have asked so many entrepreneurs and I have worked with a lot of business people throughout the years. Here are the top 10 burning questions that they have that are going through their head about Google Analytics. So let’s get started!

Question #10: Are we getting the maximum value out of Google Analytics?

Everyone here is number 10, on top 10 marketing questions business people, marketing people or entrepreneurs are asking about Google Analytics: “Are we getting the maximum value out of Google Analytics?”

I can understand that question, because Google Analytics is pretty big. It’s a big platform Google is offered for free (pretty amazing!) and there is even a paid version for advanced marketers the big brands out there. The way that I look at Google Analytics is, I think you could enhance Google Analytics by infinity. You can integrate it with your Google AdWords account; you can integrate it with your Search Console account (which used to be called Google Webmaster Tool); you could integrate it with your Google Site Search (which is basically a custom search engine that you can put into your own websites to track what people are searching on your website). So, if you start enhancing Google Analytics with your AdWords integration, Search Console, and Site Search in with all the other things that Google gives you, you can get bigger, and bigger, and bigger! You can also enhance it by tracking events on it, you can enhance it by customizing the tracking code across multiple properties; there is so much you can do on Google Analytics!

Question #9: How many customers did I get, this month, this week maybe this quarter?

This information is very important. You should be able to go to Google Analytics and see, how much money you produced! If you are an e-commerce website, you should be able to get the revenue and if you are lead generation business, you should be able to see, how many customers you converted from other leads that you got! And I can understand that is really important, because this is a sort of your CRM System. This is sort of very important information, because you are spending all this money, generating all this traffic, you are doing paid ads, you are doing social ads, you are doing all those organic effort and you are getting all this traffic!

Yet, the real business metric for any business is revenue. And you should be able to track that in Google Analytics.

Question #8: Are my Google Analytics accurate?

It’s a good question! You have to first make sure that you actually installed it properly, you can run test. Google gives you free Chrome extension that you could use to test, if the Google Analytics; is it installed properly? And the other thing that I work on especially, if you have a large team or everyone in your company keeps going to your website every day, you are probably skewing your own data; is to avoid tracking yourself as actual customers and skewing this information and filter yourself out and your IP address of all your offices in, people that are working from home, especially if you have sales people that keep checking your website to get product information or sending links to customers. It could certainly skew your information in you might not have a really good analysis, you might not have a really good data set, you don’t want to be in that place. So, absolutely I can understand that being the top concern.

Question #7: Am I segmenting my traffic or is it a big mixed bag of traffic that I can really make any sense out of?

Basically, in Google Analytics you want to segment them by different channel. You want to segment them by where ever they came from, where the referral sources. So, you want to make sure that those people achieved it differently and you don’t just take them all and just lump it together and say, hey! Our bounce, it is 90 present or 80 present across the board. Maybe certain site that you advertise on has really poor engagement from a customer’s perspective. Maybe some of the sites you advertise on are really bad, because they are not really engaging with the content; they are bouncing faster than they come! So, you have to segment your traffic depending on how you run your business and then figure out which segment is actually making sense for you. So, you can actually invest more and more money.

Question #6: Are we losing people in the funnel? In which stage of the funnel are we losing people most of the time?

And I can understand that my friend, I work really hard in building funnels and making sure that people follow through and actually make the purchase at the end. The fact to the matter is, people always going to bounce up. They get interact, they get distracted, they might get a phone call or a notification on their laptop or a snapchat whatever it is, and they stop where they left off or they may never come back! And I can understand that is a very important question.

Question #5: What pages on my website are most successful?

The fifth question, marketers are asking about the Google Analytics: “What pages on my website are most successful?”

Look at the top landing pages you have on your website. Now you know what those are, you can look at what are the biggest losers on your website. Some of those pages probably need to be gone by now, right?

Question #4: How can I improve my ROI in my paid search?

So I can understand that question is important. In Google Analytics, one of the biggest thing that you are looking for is how your PPCs spend is really performing. You got all these high level information about clicks and you know impressions and conversions, but are you really getting customers and can you improve your ROI? And that, my friend, is the fourth most important question people are asking about Google Analytics.

Question #3: What keywords are they searching for to come to our website? And is my SEO campaign effective?

This is very important question to address, because you spend all these effort writing content, doing all these thought leadership content to share, asking others to write about you, and creating all these relationships and you work on getting more authority. But is it really working and what keywords it’s really ranking on? Really at the end of the day, you need to know what keywords that you show up for and see if you are getting conversions off of that.

Question #2: What percentage of my traffic comes from mobile?

They know that more and more people are coming from mobile devices and they are interested in getting more insights about the amount of traffic, and the number of visitors that they get, the percentage of bounds rate, the number of conversions that they are getting in different timeline. It is a very important metric and I can understand that, because I’m seeing across so many projects I’m running mobile first. Alright! It is the number one device across the board, different industries, B2B, B2C they are all coming from mobile device and that means as marketers we should pay attention to mobile more than ever before!

Alright! Here comes number 1, are you ready?

The number one question, this is a broad question all entrepreneurs are thinking about it when they are looking at their website.

Question #1: How do visitors find my site?

If you don’t have answer to that question then you need to understand how do visitors find your website.

You need to drill down as much as possible whether they are organic, they are paid, are they referral, or if they are direct. All of these are basic information that you would want to get from your Google Analytics!

All entrepreneurs, all marketers are asking themselves this questions and if you don’t have that question answered then you can’t optimize for anything else in Google Analytics! You need to look at your analytics and answer that question ahead of time.

That’s it folks! These are the top ten questions that people are asking about the Google Analytics. I hope you guys had some insights about Google Analytics and thank you again for watching another edition of Marketing Hack of the Day.