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How Can My Digital Marketing Agency Increase Our Monthly Revenue?

What can my digital agency do to increase revenue?

First and foremost, we’d like to make a point that Clickx was created because we have seen the same pattern repeated time and time again for agency owners who are stuck at their current monthly revenue. They manage to get their first 3 -5 clients and then struggle to obtain more clients between balancing the work needed to retain those clients.

Insert the Clickx Model. White-labeled fulfillment can help you do just that. But even with a team of expert copywriters, graphic designers, and account managers, you’ll have skills to increase your revenue.

Today we’ll discuss two immediate things you can focus on to do just that. Those being: 1. Finding new clients 2. Selling to your existing clients

So which is going to be most helpful to bring in bigger numbers?

Benefits of New Clients

  • Expand Your Portfolio. One of the key components to bring more revenue is having the proof and testimonials that you’ve done the work many times over.
  • New Opportunity to Make a Difference. If a new client is discussing your digital marketing solutions, there’s a high chance they are unhappy with their current provider. This is your chance to slide in and show them your agency is different then the rest
  • Expand and Experiment in New Niches. Even if things are going well with your current clients or niche, don’t be afraid to expand and see what else is out there. You may even find ways to integrate various niches and help your clients along the way. 

Benefits of Existing Clients

  • You’ve Built Rapport. Within any new business partnership there is typically a trial period in which your client gets to know you personally and vice versa. When you’ve built a great connection, and most importantly, trust for your client they are more likely to buy new products within your portfolio. 
  • Complimentary Products Are Easiest to Sell. Facebook + Instagram ads. Local + Advanced SEO. Brand Audits + Logo Design. These types of products can be combined to deliver even better results. 
  • Substitute Products Make Sense To Find Better Results. When a client believes in your ability to find them the perfect solution that will get the results they are looking for they’ll take bigger risks on you. For example, a client may not be as sufficient at pulling Facebook ads but can make a killing on LinkedIn. 

Partnering With A White-Label Fulfillment Company = Increased Revenue 

At the end of the day, the only thing we all have in common is time. If you want to utilize yours to the very best of your ability it is wise to invest in white-label fulfillment partner that can meet all of your clients needs: creative, communication, and monitoring. 

When you do this, you can invest in client relationships. We know from experience that if there is one thing that’s going to help you leverage bigger financial gains it’s having strong relationships with partners. Do they trust you to solve their business challenges? Can you speak to each other on a personal level? 

In business relationships are everything. Invest wisely. 

Looking for other actionable insights on growing your digital marketing agency? 

Check out this video on our Youtube channel. Let us know what you’ve found useful and other tactics to close clients and finally kick your agency into high-gear!

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