Does email marketing work for small businesses?

It can be difficult to keep track of everything you need to do as a small business to succeed, but email marketing is one aspect that you shouldn’t overlook. Email might sometimes feel like a more outdated method of marketing, but the truth is that this form of communication is potentially invaluable to your online marketing campaigns. The key is knowing how to use this tool.

There are several benefits that can come from using email marketing in your campaigns.

Save Money with Email Marketing

One of the best elements of email marketing is its affordability. Businesses can easily save money when using email marketing in their efforts, with the ability to spend less than 4% of revenue in this area.

It’s Simple

Compared to other types of online marketing efforts, managing an email marketing campaign is easy. Email service providers make the process consistently simple, and many programs have widgets that make it easy for people to subscribe to your emails, too.

It’s Not Time-Consuming

Another great aspect of email marketing is the fact that it takes less time to manage than the rest of your marketing efforts. Within 90 minutes or less you can write a detailed, high-quality email message for leads and existing customers that engages them. Many email service providers also include hundreds of templates to use, making it easy to simply drag and drop interfaces for email layouts. You can write your emails, include images, send tests, and schedule in no time, with automation available to make the process even faster.

The fact is that many people still check emails, and a personalized email that sticks out from spam and other junk mail can help increase your customer acquisition and retention, complementing the rest of your online marketing campaigns.


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