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How do I improve the clickthrough rate with AdWords?

The key here is testing. Test as much as possible, but there are specific items you need to test.

First, it's a good idea to run 3 to 5 ads per ad group. Next, monitor the CTR and try to figure out why one is working and the other is failing.

There are a few things to keep in mind when writing ads.


Always make sure your ad is relevant to the keyword it shows up for, which means ensuring your ad groups have a tight group of related keywords. Include the keyword in your ad. The key in this step is to maximize relevance.


Your ad should show a certain amount of value. Consider it as a pitch for your business. You want to grab users' attention and convey as much as you can about your business in a tight package. Think about what you want to offer users, whether it's a free consultation or a discount on products.

Call to Action

Once you've figured out what value the ad will hold, it's time to develop a call to action that gets people to perform an action like "get a coupon today" or "shop now."

Other Tips for Increasing CTR

In addition to the previous steps, there are a few other things you should practice to improve CTR.

One practice to try is to use every extension possible to increase your ad's real estate on the SERP. You can also boost CTR by improving your quality score to lower cost per click, which allows you to bid to a higher position without paying more. Also, keep in mind that the higher your ad's ranking, the higher the CTR. Lastly, add RLSA targeting to ad groups with the "bid only" setting, and then set an upward bid adjustment.