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How do I know which campaigns my phone calls are coming from?

While PPC campaigns offer advertisers many channels for advertising, people often overlook the flaw of being unable to track phone calls that paid search advertisements trigger. The reason for this issue is the mass amount of prospects and customers who click on ads, and then call the company for additional information or assistance. Offline conversions such as these don't often get attributed to PPC, which can give advertisers the illusion of poor ROI.

Thankfully, call tracking can enable advertisers to track all calls and their origins, making it easier to determine who is calling and what prompted that call.

Dealing with the Problems of PPC and SEO Call Tracking

Most websites feature only one or two numbers for prospects and customers to call, which can make it nearly impossible to determine what ads brought them there.

Because of the amount of other tasks that advertisers perform, they may not have the time to question callers and ask how they found the company, focusing instead on sales and closing deals. Many customers and prospects are also unlikely to know whether they clicked a paid search ad or an organic listing in search engines to discover you.

It can be frustrating for advertisers to the point where they may mistakenly believe that their PPC campaigns aren't working, and give up.

How to Effectively Implement Call Tracking

Call tracking can give you a clear picture of where your leads are coming from, helping you understand which keywords, landing pages, ads, and campaigns are performing the best. You'll also benefit from a more accurate grasp on ROI.

The easiest way to track calls and see where they originate is to assign a unique phone number to each keyword leading back to the website. For instance, a visitor might have searched for "internet marketer," leading to 1-111-111-1111, while another search for "online marketing firm" may have led to 1-111-111-1112. Through call tracking, you can not only see where callers are coming from, but also learn about what they want.

Effective call tracking can eliminate the confusion over where your calls come from, while giving you the ability to understand how well certain campaigns are working.