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How is local SEO different from SEO?

Local businesses often have a tough time competing with larger companies to get more traffic. This is where local SEO can help. Local SEO can assist small local companies gain relevant visibility in search engines and subsequently more leads.

The landscape of local SEO continues to evolve like traditional SEO, and can significantly help your business excel.

There are certain best practices for local SEO that you should do to keep your business on top.

Create Good, Shareable Local Content

In today’s SEO, backlinks are everything. The key to getting them is to write and publish great content.

There are many ways to go about creating great local content, including starting a local blog, reviews, videos, emails, and much more.

There’s practically no limit to the types of local content you can put together to get people to share it and link to it.

Customer Reviews

One great type of local content is customer reviews. You can dedicate an entire section of your website to customer reviews, including text and video testimonials. It’s an effective way to build credibility and reputation.

Neighborhood Guides

Another unique type of local content is a neighborhood guide, which companies like Airbnb have created for popular locations. This can involve hiring photographers to shoot certain areas, providing key info about each location (such as transit), and integrating popular and current local listing data.


Yet another popular and consumable piece of local content is a listicle. Sites like BuzzFeed manage to make their pieces readable and entertaining when in the form of listicles. These are typically fun pieces that allow room for creativity and humor, while still effectively promoting your brand.

With these examples, you can stand out with unique and high-quality local SEO content that complements other SEO content.

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