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Why do I rank on Bing, but not Google?

Ranking high on Google is the main goal for most websites, with supplemental ranking on other search engines remaining a lower priority. Unfortunately, sometimes websites may rank better on Bing, Yahoo!, or other less popular search engines while remaining mysteriously absent from Google.

It’s worth noting that Bing and Google use two completely different algorithms and formulas to rank websites, although Yahoo! is mostly responsible for powering Bing. Success in one search engine won’t guarantee success in the others.

Google is Tougher on Spam

One of the reasons that Google may block your website or make your rank lower is because Google perceives your SEO practices as poor or spammy. Google has the strictest anti-spam criteria of any search engine, which can omit many websites that don’t meet them. You should review Google’s requirements regarding high-quality content to see if your website adheres to those specific guidelines.

In some cases, you may need to tweak your website to help it rank higher or prevent Google from labeling and ignoring it as spam. If you manage to gain Google’s trust and write more optimized content, you should be able to rank higher in their search results.

Try writing content that doesn’t use too much optimization such as keyword stuffing. You should also write fresh lengthy content that attracts plenty of readers, keeping them engaged.

Keep in mind that Google doesn’t like duplicate content, and can be especially hard on it compared to other search engines. Bing and other search engines may not be as tough on duplicate content, allowing it to rank higher.

With these aspects in mind, you should be able to get on Google’s good side. At the same time, you won’t need to worry about losing rankings on other engines. In fact, you may be able to rank even higher on them with further optimization.

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