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When is the best time to show PPC ads?

Generally, there isn't a specific universal time when it's best to show PPC ads. The appropriate ad display time will vary depending on everything from the industry to the product, and how they relate to the target audience.

You always have the option of setting ad schedules based on general assumptions about who buys what and when, but this can be inconsistent.

Assess Data to Determine the Best Ad Display Period

The best way to figure out when it's best to show your ads is to manually assess data. Run your ads at different times and see which perform best. Based on the results, you can determine which ads work when.

One of the best ways to see how well your ads are performing is to use AdWords. Using this platform, you can see your dimension reports at the hours of the day and days of the week, and see when traffic is coming in during these periods. You can also see how much it's costing you along with conversion performance.

If an ad isn't performing well and you want to make changes, you can make percentage bid adjustments accordingly.

Based on this information, you can tweak your ad schedules to appear when you're likely to get optimal traffic.

It's important to keep your audience in mind. What kinds of people are viewing your ads, when are they online, and when are they likely to be searching for your particular product or service? Is your service or product something that people may search for in the event of an emergency? By asking these questions, you can further figure out when you should post your PPC ads.