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3 Bad Sales Habits to Avoid

Effective sales pitches can make or break an organization. The sales people sent out to prospective clients should make a lasting impression that results in increased sales. A salesperson is responsible for selling the right products and providing reliable after sales support to create the best customer experience. Some salespeople have poor sales habits that drive away clients. Avoiding these habits will put salespeople on the right track towards higher sales. Here are three sales habits to avoid. bad-sales-habits-to-avoid-375x250

1. Scheduling Too Many Activities at the Same Time

One habit to avoid among salespeople is scheduling too many deals at the same time. This leads to cancelled meetings with prospective clients who may view the entire firm as unreliable. This puts the firm’s reputation at risk. Closing too many deals at once could also translate into too much work that the company may not be able to handle. It is best to keep a balanced diary of appointments that allows clients enough time to review the products or services and make an informed decision. Being too hasty reduces the chances of closing lucrative business deals.

2. Reluctance Towards Cold Calling

It is common for salespeople to develop a client base and then reduce their reliance on cold calling for new clients. Calling existing customers, getting referrals and waiting for clients to approach is easier than making new calls and has fewer chances of rejection. Salespeople should remember to keep hunting for new business as this leads to high success rates.

3. Making Promises That Cannot Be Fulfilled

This habit involves salespeople making unrealistic promises to clients just to seal the deal. This ruins the relationship with the client since they perceive the entire firm as having failed on their promises. Sales representatives should be aware of how much the firm can deliver and not make false promises to clients.


Bad sales habits should be done away with as soon as they begin to surface. Having well equipped sales representatives who approach clients and close deals will increase sales and maintain the company’s reputation. Get your sales team ready through ample training on the best sales habits.