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4 Ways Phone Tracking Can Improve Your Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign


Pay per click marketing campaigns have the advantage of tracking clicks and impressions, but phone tracking is a service that is not always utilized. Every customer is different and just as some people order a pizza on the phone rather than online, some customers decide to directly call a company when looking to make a purchase.
If your pay per click advertising campaign is not utilizing phone tracking methods, than you are missing out on a very unique opportunity to gain more insight on the performance of your campaign including conversions target market analysis.

Below are four reasons why phone tracking can improve your pay per click advertising campaign.

1. The Ability to Listen to the Call– If you are tracking the calls coming in through certain purchased numbers, most call tracking providers usually have the option to a recorded version of the entire call. By listening to each call, you can learn more about customer concerns and can decide if you need any changes to the landing pages, ad copy, or any other campaign details.

2. Improved Brand Appearance-As the number being tracked will be a newly purchased number this is a unique opportunity to find a number that may be more appealing to the local community. If your company is in Manhattan but does not have a 212 area code, now is an excellent opportunity to get one. Or if you want a toll-free number to be used instead of a local number that can also usually be purchased. Furthermore, some customers may view an ad with a phone number as more professional and appealing.The appearance of the company phone number can make a big difference on whether potential customers decide to make contact.

3. Reach a Different Customer Base- Some potential customers may simply not have the patience to read through a landing page to find what they want. Others just simply prefer to speak to someone on the phone. By using phone tracking, you can reach these customers while also tracking the calls in your stats and metrics for analytical purposes.

4. Improve Customer Experience– By listening in to the calls you can also learn what areas of a customer service team may need to be adjusted. Perhaps the wait time is too long and it is driving some customers away, or the automated menu is too difficult to navigate. With call tracking, the calls are recorded and can be analyzed to find ways to decrease bounce rate and increase conversions.

Call tracking can be a great way to collect additional data regarding your campaign. It can also offer great insights on how to better optimize the campaign. Whether your conversions are coming via phone, chat, emails or online forms, it’s important to keep track of all campaign activities for maximum success.