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5 Essential SEO Tips for Chiropractic Practices

Simply having a web presence is no longer enough to drive traffic to your chiropractic practice. For healthcare practitioners, online competition is steep. To stand out from the crowd and gain authority online, chiropractic offices must have a solid SEO strategy in place. Since 72 percent of all Internet users have researched health information online within the last year, it’s vital to understand what drives online success.

Healthcare SEO Trends for 2014

Each year, Google makes approximately 500 changes to its search engine algorithm. Chiropractic offices that fail to note these changes and adjust their strategy will eventually lose online impact. Essential SEO strategies healthcare practices must note include:

  1. Focusing on value. While it’s tempting to discuss the details of SEO, keywords, and other technical items, the first consideration must always be the value of the content created. For chiropractic practices, instead of focusing on self-promotional content, consider publishing pieces that educate your readers about alternative medicine.
  1. Carefully select your keywords. While it’s tempting to rank for as many keywords as possible, it’s more effective to rank for a handful of highly targeted keywords. Consistently using these keywords across your platform will result in an online strategy that is consistent, efficient and search engine friendly.
  1. Get specific. To effectively use keywords and create content of value, it’s vital to get specific. Instead of broad blog posts that hit a variety of topics, focus on a single healthcare issue and ensure the piece can stand on its own. Even if you decide to create a blog series, each post within the series should make sense to a reader who’s never read the previous entries.
  1. Invest in responsive web design. More web users are browsing on smartphones and mobile devices than ever before. Does your practice have a responsive website? If not, chances are mobile visitors are leaving your page. Google has even hinted more than once that responsive design is important to high rankings.
  1. Build links. From building inbound links to cross promoting along digital platforms, increasing incoming links establishes online authority by showing your practice produces valuable content.

SEO and Search Marketing – Pain Free

Investing in online marketing shouldn’t be a pain. At Clickx, our expert marketers specialize in helping healthcare practices build their online authority. Contact us today to learn more about how we can immediately help improve your SEO strategy.