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Building a Successful Google Campaign from Scratch

In order to reach your market, what keywords will you use? By using the right keywords, you can make a huge difference to your ad campaign being a success compared to being a failure. Eventually, you will take the time to hunt for the top one or three keywords that will bring you the best clients. Additionally, you will need to improvise your entire sales process around your marketing. That is exactly what most successful advertisers are currently doing.

To answer the above question, you need to clearly describe what you are selling and promoting, as clearly as you can. Next, you need to identify your audience. Here are four effective tips you can use for your next Google ad campaign.

1 – Define the Perfect Clients


At this very moment, grab a piece of paper and pen, and describe your ultimate paying client. These people should be the ones who are already aware of the type of services or products that you are offering or selling. They may not know about you, but they do know about your services and products. These people, most often than not, have an urgent issue and have made the decision to search for a solution on the Internet. They might have already made it clear how they are going to solve the issue, and right now, they want to search the Internet for a service or a product that fits their solution, and buy it.

Some of your descriptions may sound or look like these:

* The best potential client is a person who has made his or her mind up to purchase a fitness book.

* The best potential client is a person who has stopped believing in pharmaceutical drugs and is looking for non-pharmaceutical and natural remedies for a particular medical condition and is prepared to purchase the item.

* The best potential client knows that pay-per-click management services exist and is looking to hire one.

Make sure you keep this customer description in front of you, while looking for the keywords.

2 – Identify the keywords that potential clients are utilizing to search for your services and products

Use Google’s keyword tool and key in some phrases that you think will reflect what clients might use to search for services or products. For instance, if you consider the client who has a medical condition like a cyst, you should definitely use, “natural cyst remedies” because that will certainly specify people who are searching for natural solutions.

Based on your search, Google will provide a decent list of keywords, and you can go through the list word by word, comparing each to your written customer description. You should choose the keywords that you feel are a fit and disregard the ones that do not fit. It should be perfectly fine if you end up with a dozen keywords.

3 – Establish the number of people who are looking for those keywords

Using your list of keywords, you can then follow what Google’s keyword tool has suggested. Alternatively, you can take a keyword and do a further keyword search. You should consider the search volume when you are selecting your top keyword(s).

4 – Establish the amount of money advertisers are making from a keyword

You can determine this amount by how much the keywords cost. The market will show you which keywords bring in the most money. The maximum cost per person that is clicked and paid represents the maximum limit of the money that is available in that particular market. In order to find out, you can use Google’s traffic estimator. Collect as many relevant keywords as you like, and then, make a calculated comparison to search for the best fit.


You are certainly off to a great start when you have listed about six to 12 tightly matched groups of keywords. Of course, you are best off with only one single keyword that will make your business a success. One of the most important things you need to know about a Google campaign is that it is not a single method that you set up once and let it be for the rest of your business life. You need to log in every few days and manage them to increase your traffic and visibility.