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Clarify Your Content Marketing, Go Wide and Deep

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

Hey guys, I’m Solomon with Clickx. For today’s Marketing Hack of the Day, we’re going to talk about wide and deep marketing strategy! You might have heard, “Just keep blogging, blogging, blogging!” and that’s going to get you traffic, but I’m going to tell you some things that you should really pay attention to that’s not just going to get you traffic. It’ll give you so much more and you’re going to be able to do 10x than just blogging alone!

The Wide Strategy: Just Keep On Blogging

The strategy most marketers practice today is to just blog, blog, blog! Right? “Just keep blogging.”

So here’s a topic number one, here’s another one, so here’s another one, give you a three, give me a four, keep blogging, right? Just keep blogging…blogging…blogging. Everyone thinks that that’s the strategy to generate so much traffic, but what I want to teach you today is to continue to do that, and that’s what we call the “wide strategy,” but I want you to create some posts that we call the “deep strategy.”

The Deep Strategy: Create Lengthy Content Pieces

For this strategy, you’re going to create a very massive piece of content that is maybe upwards of 10,000 words. This is a 10,000 word article that you’re going to post, in addition to posting more and more content on a regular basis! This means we go “deep” on important broad keywords and “wide” on long-tail keywords because different people have different intent, right?

Wide Content Can Lead To More Searches & Shares

The benefit of splitting up this way is that the “wide” content is what you’re going to get from search, because you have all these different keywords in this”wide” content. You’re going to probably get links to them, put them on social media, get the shares, amplify the content, and get other people to share your content. Maybe they’ll link to it depending on how well this content is written over here, but the “wide” is how you’re going to generate tons if not tons of links, authority, and traffic. It comes from the “wide” content, because not every single blog post that you’re going to have is going to get massive amounts of backlinks and social share. However, you’re going to put so much effort into this one piece right here and then you’re going to start sending emails out. Reach out to other people, “Hey! You know what? I want to see, this piece right here, because I invested so much time into it. I work so hard on it, you’re going to love it!” You’re going to start getting people share this like an infographic because you put a lot of effort into it. You will get a lot of shares, in the same way you start dividing up your content into different topics have long-tail, you know sort of keywords have H2s that cover so many different grounds. You might actually have tons of videos and images and so forth, that is going to expand this content ever so deep and then you start doing outreach and let others in the industry know about the content talk to other thought leaders and say, “Hey! Would you mind sharing this piece of content?” And people will want to share that just, because of how much effort that you put into this particular content rather than just throwing another blog post on your website and hoping for the best!

Deep Content Can Lead To More Traffic Generation

You see “deep” content that I’m talking about here is also something we call the skyscraper strategy in the SEO world which was popularized by Brian Dean. You might have heard of them, you might have seen some content that you wrote so a lot of folks are actually using this, a lot of markers, let’s be honest the ones that are really into content marketing and generating tons of traffic; they’re going this strategy. Well, a lot of maybe marketers are just getting into inbound marketing, marketers is just getting their feet wet maybe they’ve seen that the blogs are generating traffic, so they just go all out! They just keep blogging more and we’re going to get the traffic! And a lot of SEO teach the strategy, there’s nothing wrong with it, but I want you to get better effort. I want you to get better ROI and I want you to go get 10x the ROI.

Create More Blog Posts To Create More Authority

If you get a hundred of your blog post posted and you generate a 10,000 visits from that the blog post, I want you to get a hundred thousand visits from those blog posts. Right! I want you to get more authority in order to generate more authority this is the way to do it, because this page is going to have so many high quality backlinks just because of how much effort you put into it and that in turn will increase the authority of your website and hire the authority. These guys are going to start ranking higher as well! So, you’re actually helping the rest of your site rank just by going really with one or two topics. So, I have two here, you might have another one. Right! So, you might, once you’re done and exhausted this one, star another one go really…really…really deep in creating really rich content. Go and do studies, go do a survey I mean you can just link to something that looks mediocre, I want you to think about creating something that has not been created yet! Maybe like I said it would have images, maybe you’ll have photos, maybe you’ll have videos in it, but at the end of the day if you could really work hard and dividing up this really deep content and like I said this stuff it’s not going to be very easy! Maybe it will take you months to actually create a content piece like that and obviously months of work it’s going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars, but if you’re going to get a $100,000 in sales from it right or $150,000 dollars or a quarter million dollars in sales, because all this other content is actually ranking in those content actually have conversions at a blog post level.

You will get 1% conversion from this one or 2% from this piece, 5% from that one, right! Maybe this one doesn’t convert as much, but if you generate so many more conversions at every single blog post that you’re going to create just because of how much effort you put into this deep piece of content then it is well worth the time!

Go Back, Add More Content, And Promote

In your content marketing I want you to think about going wide, which you probably already do, I want you to think about going deep, think about quality, the depth of the page, 10,000 words; I don’t know might be a surprise to you, but think about 20,000 words what can you accomplish in 20,000 words and obviously you’re writing a book at this point. Right! It’s not going to be a simple job and you also have to do the up keeping, you have to go back and add more piece of content, you have to add maybe more photos or more tweetable content whatever it is, it is going to be a big deal for your organization! It’s not going to be a surprise! You can’t just bust it out and call it a day and move on. Because just having that piece of content there, it’s not going to get you traffic! You have to properly promote it, you have to do paid promotion, you might have to do PPC and drive traffic to that page, because that will get you more engagement! I promise you people will like to it to read them, maybe the book market they’ll come back to it, they’ll share their friends on social media, there’s a lot that you can get off of this content!

Another thing you can do to promote this content is not only just do the outreach like I said you can probably guess somewhere else and put a link to this piece and most of the time when people don’t want to link out to a just an ordinary blog post! They may be much more likely to link to a piece like this just because of how much work that you put into it. Then that ultimately give you really good results for the time that you put into this!

Let me just recap the idea! Wide content is to cover as many keywords as possible to generate search traffic while the deep content is to attract links and authority to your website in the social share and so forth! That is going to get you more long-term ROI. So go ahead and start doing that in your organization, start thinking about you know in your editorial calendar, what can we do in a deep, you know sort of content strategy! Can we spend the next three or four months working on this whole we’re also working on that in parallel and figure out how you can start to promote it! And trust me you’re going to get more and more ROI from your content marketing!

I hope you got some insights from this video!