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Generate Higher Conversions With Heat Map

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

Familiarize Heat Mapping Your Website Visitors

Hey Guys! I’m Solomon with Clickx. On today’s Marketing Hack of the Day, I want to talk about heat mapping your visitors. It is something a lot of marketers still not really familiar with and I think more the advanced marketers really get it and what this really allows you to do is understand how your visitors are moving through your website. Okay! Understand how far this scroll, where do they click on, where do they spend most of their time! It is critical information for you to succeed and that’s what I want to talk about today. Let’s get started!

Heat Mapping Explains Where Your Website Is Being Utilized

Alright! So first of all, we build websites, we build landing pages, we build funnels whatever you call them and you just kind of see it from your perspective. You hope that you wanted a button here and put a contact us there in a big logo here and that’s kind of what we assume. Right! We don’t look at it from the perspective of the users! We don’t know where they actually click! They might click halfway through the page into another link that we didn’t even know. It’s possible so what you got to do is actually put a piece of code on your website, a heat mapping tool and find out where do people travel on your website! Right! What are they clicking on the top? Which pages are they concerned about and which one of those things get the least amount of clicks? So, you can get rid of it. I’m all about getting rid of clutter because, some websites I go to has like 16 items on the menu, every one of them has a drop-down with 10 options with another option going into it and I wonder who goes to these pages other than the webmaster or the guy who put it together. I don’t know, if anybody would even understand how to manure this website! You need to give them a manual to get through your menu. So, what I like to recommend my people is to keep it simple and use a heat mapping tool to find out where your website is actually being utilized! Okay! Are they on the Golden Triangle area on the top left-hand side or do they click on the little button on the top right? Do they care about the form that you have? Are they watching the video that you think they’re watching? All these things are really not understood until you actually record your visitors and go through every single area of your website and see where the most amount of action is happening! Alright!

Easy Tools To Analyze Results & Improve Conversions

There’s a bunch of tools that you can use. I don’t want to get hung up on the tools. I want you to get the strategy. Tools are crazy egg or you can use HOTJAR or any one of those tools that cheeps. Super cheap to try, but what actually you need to do is analyze the results and find out how you can improve your conversions! Are they abandoning your form, because you’re asking way too many fields? That’s one question I always think about, is my form not getting filled out, because I asked fifteen things on there or four things or five things. So, you need to look at that and see using the heat mapping tool, you can see what they actually, leave because they’re not even filling it out! Okay!

There’s Value In Seeing Where Visitors Often Get Stuck

It is critical information for you. It only takes 30 seconds at tops to set this thing up, but the value that you get is unbelievable! If you can see where your visitors are getting stuck then that’s what you need to do to improve your conversion rate. Alright! It’s where they get stuck! You got to see how long they scroll and if they scroll about 3/4 of the way and you have call to actions below that, it doesn’t matter what you put below that, they’re not going that far. 1/2 or 3/4 of the people are leaving before they get to 3/4 of the page! So, why do you even want to have anything below that anyway! You should put your most important things at the top of the page before they even have to scroll. Now, below the fold you can put different things on there and test using a heat mapping tool find out how far they go! And if you didn’t want to go buy something, let’s just say you don’t want to buy any tools, because you’re like me, you spend tens and thousands of dollars in tools and you don’t have time to use them then you could use Google Analytics! It has an in-page analytics which is pretty darn good! It’s not the fastest. It lacks some features the other guys have built, but in-page analytics is amazing when it comes to just looking at click-through rate.

It Comes Down to Understanding User Behavior

What it really comes down to is understanding your user behavior! Your visitor’s behavior, your potential customer’s behavior, your prospects behavior; understanding how much time they’re going to give you in what interest is dumb! Alright! You have to speak in terms of value that they’re going to get, not features that you have! You have to talk about the benefits that they’re going to get and see whether they’re doing the right thing that you want them to do or not!

Test Everything To Improve Targeting To Users

The more you can understand your user’s behavior, the better you can cater to them! See, I think the only downside to any of these is that it slows down the website and I’m an anti-slowing anything down. I usually put the code and then get rid of it, you know, two weeks later, because I don’t want this tag on my website for too long, but when I’m running actual tests it’s on there. Alright! It’s very critical for me, because I want to make sure that I have a thousand visitors, ten thousand visitors all tagged and make sure that I understand what they’re doing! Test every landing page especially before you’re going to dump tons of money on advertising. You want to test the hell out of the page as possible!

Get Started Heat Mapping & Improving Your Metrics

Once you do that then you’re comfortable! You already know what’s going to happen, because you’ve already tested to a thousand visitors 10,000 visitors 15,000 visitors. You already know what’s going to work then all you have to do is open up the floodgates of traffic there you’ll go you get a lot more visitors. You’ll get a lot more engaged visitors; you will get a ton more conversions folks! That’s what heat mapping will do for you!

Thank you for watching another edition of Marketing Hack of the Day.