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Here’s How to Repurpose Old Content the Right Way

Repurposing content offers several benefits for businesses. While you may want to focus on creating and pushing new content to attract new audiences or reconnect with existing ones, you can easily use old content to do the same.

There are effective ways to renew content that can appeal to different types of users. For instance, certain audiences may prefer visual infographics instead of plain text content containing written statistics. Old content may also still be perfectly relevant, giving you reason to find new ways to republish it.

Here are some ways to repurpose old content so you can make use of what you have without struggling to come up with new ideas.

Here's How to Repurpose Old Content the Right Way

Update Blog Posts with New Information

Once you’ve posted something useful on your blog, you don’t have to simply publish it, share it on your social media platforms once, and forget about it months later. Some of those blog posts may contain outdated information while still containing an important and consistently relevant message.

Businesses can easily revisit and update blog posts with new information or ideas, republishing them to help attract new audiences who may have missed it the first time.

Turn Old Blog Posts Into Complete Guides

After writing about a certain topic in a number of blog posts, you may find that those individual blog posts connect in a way that would make it easy to consolidate them into a long, complete guide.

Maybe your business wrote a post about how to effectively gain Twitter followers, or maybe another discussed following Twitter trends to use relevant hashtags, while another covered how to efficiently manage your Twitter feed and gain more followers. You can easily join all of these posts into “The Complete Twitter Guide” that combines all of this information into a long, high-quality post that ranks well on Google and gives your audiences all of the information they need in one place.

Convert Internal Data to Case Studies

Testing your website is a great way to determine how successful it is, but you don’t have to keep all of the data you gather to yourself. You can also use it as the backbone for interesting content that engages readers.

For instance, you may determine that a certain color or style of button attracts more clicks, which can make for an intriguing and insightful post on your blog.

Transform Slideshow Presentations and Data Into Infographics

If a slideshow presentation contains a certain level of information in graphs or charts, with many statistics that can benefit from visual representation, you can easily turn PowerPoint presentations and others into visually appealing infographics, which you can publish on their own or with an accompanying blog post to further elaborate on them.

With these ideas in mind, you can repurpose all of your old content without the constant need to come up with new concepts, allowing you to spend more time running your business rather than finding new ways to attract audiences. Using these methods, each piece of content that you create can serve a purpose for many years in your online marketing strategies.