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Key Elements for a Successful PPC Campaign

9776555_1The online presence of your business is crucial in today’s competitive market. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are an effective way to increase your online exposure in a short period of time while providing you with qualified leads.

Below are five key elements for a profitable PPC campaign that you cannot afford to miss.

1)    The Offer
Your PPC is an online version of advertising and like all types of advertising, the offer is a crucial part of the campaign.  Regardless of your business or industry, your campaign must revolve around a compelling offer.  When creating your PPC ads, make sure your offer is a true deal and value for potential prospects.

2)    Ad Copy
Once you’ve set up your campaign and decided upon your particular offer, the next step is creating relevant ad copy that will clearly transmit your message to your prospects.  Your ad copy should be directly related to your particular offer and be compelling enough that it will make your prospects click on your ad.

3)    Landing Page
Attracting prospects to your website is just half the battle.  While the main objective of a PPC campaign is increasing traffic to your website, your landing page is the deciding factor when it comes to turning prospects into customers.  Combined, the structure, design and content of your landing page are crucial to turning visitors into customers.  A well-thought out sales funnel will help increase conversions.

4)    Keyword Bid Management
Your PPC campaign is constantly changing and relies on continuous refinement.  Careful bid management is key to saving you money on your campaign.  Your key goal when managing your keywords is to maximize your cost per click.  Understanding which keywords convert the most can help you bid intelligently for a better return on your investment.

5)    Keywords
A solid campaign relies on defining relevant keywords that match your particular industry, products and services.  You can think of your keywords as the backbone of your campaign.  Keyword research and competitive analysis are key to selecting keywords.  However, managing your keywords does not end there.  Your campaign may require adding new keywords or eliminating non-converting keywords for optimal results.

Creating a successful PPC campaign is achieving harmony among all the various elements that affect the performance of your campaign.  From keyword selection to landing page design, it takes careful attention and monitoring of all these elements to get maximum results.  While a variety of campaign management tools exist, it is best to let professionals fine-tune your campaign for optimal results.

For more information on setting up a PPC campaign or to receive a free consultation, contact ClickxPosure at and a team of professionals will guide you to creating the most profitable campaign for your business.