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Perfecting Your Landing Page Strategy: 4 Elements to Consider

Finding informationLanding Pages are very important. As a marketer it is necessary to make sure that you are committed to making landing pages that yield optimal results. There are 4 elements that good landing pages have, let’s discuss them now.

1. Relevancy: We start with relevancy because it is probably the most important of the 5. If your landing page is not relevant to what your users want or where they are at, then most likely they will abandon your site. When considering whether your landing page is relevant or not you may want to ask yourself the following questions:
-are you delivering on what you promised? this means are you giving the users what they want or what they expected when they got to your landing page
-does your message match the design of the landing page; it is important that you create cohesiveness.
-are you speaking authentically to your target audience? does your message make sense to them and is it relevant to them.

2. Engagement: With engagement your goal should always be to compel your visitors to move to the next step. In most cases the next step is a lead, sale, or some type of measurable conversion. Some questions to consider at this step are:
– is your product or service offer clearly stated?
-are you creating an emotional appeal?
-are you answering the question “why”? are you convincing visitors why they need your product or service, how it can help them.
-are you differentiating yourself? what makes you different from another brand in your industry?

3. Authoritative: As marketers it is important that we build trust with our customers. Your landing page is a step in creating a trustworthy relationship. In order to build on this trust factor you may want to think about:
-do your pages assure visitors they are in the right place?
– is your content credible and accurate?
-are you providing proof? for example do you have customer reviews, testimonials, highlight awards, etc.

4. Directional: It is important that once visitors make it to your landing page you are always moving them forward to a next step or goal. Some important questions to consider are:
-is there a clear and reasonable call-to-action on your landing page?
– are choices easy to make?
-are there minimal distractions? this will help ensure that visitors make it to your intended purpose?

When creating your landing page always remember that the best landing pages are the ones that get results. Good landing pages yield optimal results. Your ultimate goal should be to help the visitor meet their objectives online while at the same time meeting yours. Focusing on these 4 elements will help give you better conversion rates for your landing page. Perfecting your landing page strategy is important if you want to have long term marketing success.