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The Power of Email Segmentation

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

Hey! I am Solomon Thimothy, co-founder Clickx. And today’s Marketing Hack of the Day is all about email segmentation!

I want to touch on some ways that companies need to be sending emails and the way that they should structure their email marketing strategies.

You Won’t See The ROI Without A Campaign Strategy

There was a stat put out by DMA, I think about a year ago, it said that every dollar you invest into email marketing you yield about 28 dollars in revenue! Now, that sounds really great, except I believe that you have to really strategically work on that campaign strategy and how you are going to send this out, otherwise you are not going to see the ROI.

I subscribe to so much email or I fill out forms and they put me on an email list, and I want to kind of tell you what I am experiencing in my inbox! A lot of companies have a lot of information about me because I went and filled out a certain form it does not seem like they take that into consideration at all, when they are doing their email marketing; because I might have been interested in becoming customer, I may never know, maybe fill out a request or a quote form or a demo, but the emails that I am getting are not at all targeted to what I actually want it.

Leverage Your Data To Target Your Audiences

So we know that email generates revenue. We know it generates leads and a bunch of data. And how do we actually use that to make more revenue?

What I want to tell you is that, pretend that this is your email list. This is your master list of everybody that subscribed to your website, but if you really think about it, they might be customers, they might be partners, they might be affiliate and they might be people that are just looking to get more information about your brand. There are all sorts of people in your list. Should you treat them all in the same way, should you market to all of them in the same way? And that is the big question that you want to answer it. You really want to segment them you would almost want to micro segment them. Right! You want to make sure this is my customers which one of them are my current customers and who are my past customers.

You want to make sure that you are not just sending the same message to the entire list the same way that you do. And this is my affiliate and you know, are they active affiliate, are they just looking to become an affiliate; you want to understand that part.

If they are your partners you know, how do you want your partners to perceive your brain? Would you want to be investing more time becoming building a better partnership with them? And that is the sort of thing that you want to be working on.

Segment Your List & A/B Test

If I were you, I would send one message to this list, right! Whatever that is and then I would send another one and another one and see how this particular list performs versus sending something else different! And I would really want to send something to this master list, right! I do not want to send this master list anything every single day, if I knew that these are the people that are interested in different things! What this allows you to do is it really generates the revenue that you are looking to generate from email. Generate that engagement once you segmented the list than to just sort of use this as, Oh my Gosh! You know, we have 10000 people on our emails we need a bigger tool you know, let’s spend ten thousand dollars a month buying some really expensive tool and then treat it like you were treating email marketing two years ago. And I think it is not the lack of tool, I think no tool is going to get you the ROI that you want! You really got to use your brain and say; Hey! How do I actually segment the list, and how do we test the message can be A/B test the subject line and figure that out. And that my friend is going to get you the ROI that you are looking for!

You Only Get One Chance So Don’t Waste Anyone’s Time

Another thing that you need to understand is that a lot of people are checking their email on their phone. So we have too much access to the time and their attention you should not be taking that for granted in any sort of marketing that you are doing, because what really is going to yield after you do all this mess up and you do not get a redo, is that you are going to shoot up your unsubscribe rates! Everybody is going to say; No I do not want any more messages from you, thank you so much you are not sending me what I want to hear, the options that you would see on unsubscribe users.

There is too many emails it is very unrelated, I never sense signed up for this and that means that marketers are not doing this because if you were doing this, there should not be that many people unsubscribing from your messages!

Provide Value & Build Relationships

Secondly, you might not be providing any value in any of your emails. Right! It might just be like buy my product, buy my product, buy my product, buy it now; ten percent off, twenty percent off then they do not really care because you have not really generated that you know, interest for them or you have not built that relationship. Why should anyone of these people buy it and if you are having partners get that email saying, buy my product, they are going to unsubscribe too, because it is what we are all overwhelmed by the amount of emails that we get. Why should I want to get five more emails, right? In fact, I am sometimes like behind 200 emails because there is that many email is coming into my inbox and I do unsubscribe if I feel like the marketing, but they are doing is not talking to me, and they are not really respecting my time, they have no idea what my interest is.

If I have shown so much interest in a particular topic, why are not they sending me that? And that is the reason why I think a lot of people are failing today in email marketing!

Powerful Email Tips To Experiment With

To wrap things up, I want to give you like I said some overview, emails making revenue for a lot of companies, it will definitely generate leads and you can get sales and also it generates a lot of data that you need to make sure that you act on it. Right! Make sure that it is mobile optimized.

Every single email list should be segmented into certain campaigns that you can run and touch the messages A/B test it especially and see if you can improve it and personalize it as much as possible to the person’s interest, alright!

Consumers and business people of all ages are on their inbox you know, it is so much easier now that we can catch them on their mobile device. If you are not going to do a good job, they are going to definitely unsubscribe from your content!

Marketing automation can definitely increase revenue, but you do not have to buy a big marketing automation tool, if you are going to just do this sort of marketing. You can go real cheap, buy a really cheap product and then be able to get the same result, if your goal is to send it to the mass.

If you are going to get a marketing automation tool, you have to put even more time into making sure that you are personalizing each message but depending on the person who subscribed and also testing the messages and automating it as much as possible. I am not saying marketing automation does not help you! I think it certainly can increase the amount of revenue can generate, but you have to be very wise as to how you do that stop treating email list as a number like 10000 people, I have 15000 people, Oh! I have 70000 people on my list, yet what are these people? Did they ever meet you at a trade show? Or is that your customers? Is that your partners? The answer is I do not know! And that that is not going to get you anywhere!

You have to really start from early on building a list and segmenting them and really understanding your buyers and really understanding who is engaging with your emails and then working backward, alright!

That is the way you are going to win in the email marketing game!

Thank you for watching another edition of Marketing Hack of the Day.